by Elegant Butler

Chapter 7:

For two days the new crew of the Golden Hinde sailed southward, each man and woman learning the workings of the sails, masts, and steering. There were a few tins of string beans and carrots which could be eaten cold, but no hot foods to warm the belly on a cold voyage. And the journey would get colder before it got warmer.

"We'll need supplies," Edison told them. "We don't even have a generator for Max to survive let alone much food left."

"We can attempt to grab a power source for Max here," Johnny told him. "But that is all. Network 23 broadcasts worldwide. There's no doubt there will be bounty hunters after you as well as a few of the world's population desperate to make buck or two."

"So, what do you recommend we do about our food?"

"Inaccessible Island is on our route," Toby explained. "There is a people there known as the Gimonde. (AN: pronounced Yee-mondee) The name comes from the Greek and French words for Earth. They settled Inaccessible in 2024. They have no technology, since they are almost completely cut off from the world. Instead of trying to figure it out on their own, the gave it up entirely, electing to live off the land. I don't know what we'll be able to trade. We'll have to figure something out. Because they're the only people on this route who know nothing about Network 23 putting a price on your head."

"Why don't they establish trade with outsiders?" Edison asked.

"When the group first established themselves on the island," Johnny explained, "a team of soldiers tried to have them removed so they could establish the island as a military stronghold. They responded by knocking down the seaport that had been established on the island's southern coast in 1999. Now it is impossible for fleets of ships to go anywhere near the place. Though a single ship can easily dock."

"How did you learn so much about them?" Edison asked.

Johnny smiled. "Blank Orville taught us about them in the school," he said. "He showed us where they were on something he called a map. He said Inaccessible Island was below us in a water called South Atlantic."

"And you remembered that all this time?" Edison asked, impressed.

"No. I forgot it for a long time. But all the stuff that's happening now made me remember. Like smelling your mom's favorite perfume makes you think of her, I guess."

"Makes sense," Edison said. "So, first Spain for the generator. Then to Inaccessible for food supplies."

"Agreed. We should reach Spain day after tomorrow if the weather is with us. And from what I saw in the skies today, looks like fair sailing for the next few days."

"Maybe one of us could see if there's fishing line?" Alice suggested.

"No use," Adrian pointed out. "Even if we could, we've got no way to light the stove in the galley. Until we get those supplies, we can't cook. We have to wait until we reach Inaccessible."

"Very well," Edison said. "But first let's concentrate on how we're going to get what we need in Spain. We can't steal it. That'll put more cops on our tail. We need to figure out a way to buy or trade."

Wendy started to open her mouth, but Edison cut her off.

"Not with that," he told her.

"Mister, you've got a sick mind," she scolded. "I was going to suggest a little technical help. All I've got to do is find someone who needs a quick hack job and I can barter services for trade."

"How long will that take?"

"In Baja Tecnologia? The Spanish Fringes?" Wendy asked. "About an hour."

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