by Elegant Butler

Chapter 9:

In the old manor house by the coast, Senorita Constance de la Muerte watched the boatmen as they motored, rowed, and sailed in and out of the harbor.

Her mother, Regina, had been recently lost her husband to in a deep sea diving accident when his line had become entangled in the anchor of sunken yacht. She had grieved for several weeks before finally taking responsibility for the family winery. Made from Monastrell grapes, they produced a fine red wine which was great sought after by many families as well as provided to many restaurants throughout the area.

Once every seven years, the family produced a special bottle of white wine, processed without modern machinery from the red grapes of the area. The reason it was made so rarely was that it was very hard to produce it by hand.

It was a family tradition, passed down from when the first bottle had been made for the head of the family, the Executioner Candelario de la Muerte to drink after his job was done for the day.

Constance had been quite excited to see the old wooden galleon pull up. She had never seen such a boat, and it brought to mind the stories her late grandfather, Cayo, had told her when she had been small enough to pick flowers without bending.

"It is such a big ship, mother," she said, at dinner that night. "Do you think they will stay?"

"I doubt it," Regina shook her head. "A boat that big is off to the wide sea. She's just here for supplies. If they didn't leave by now, they must need something from El Mercado."

A light came into Constance's eyes and Regina's own countenance darkened.

"You mean to leave!" she exclaimed. "Rosita!" she said to the maid who was setting the table, "Carlos!" she enjoined the butler, "tell her! Tell my daughter how badly she is needed here!"

The maid simply went about her cleaning, knowing that it was really not her place to make a scene.

The butler, however, smiled at Constance. "I will send my Beatriz with you," he told her. "She will be your guardian and chaperone."

"How dare you encourage...!" Regina began.

"Force her to remain," the butler warned, "and she will come to hate this house and all that dwell within. Let her roam, and in her own time she will return with great love."

Regina considered in silence throughout the remainder of dinner. Finally when her dessert was finished, she looked up at her butler. "I understand, now more than ever, why my late husband selected you as our family butler. And I thank you for sending your daughter with mine. I am certain my Constance will be well protected."

"I will accompany them to meet with the crew of the ship," Carlos said, "If I feel they would not be good for her to travel with, I will see to it that she returns home."

"You are a good butler, Carlos," Regina said. "Thank you."

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