-Chapter 5: Introductions All 'Round-

Dr. Strauss walked into the meeting room on the first floor of the former Genting Club. From the floor above, he could hear the noise of the exercise machines that had long ago replaced the old roulette wheels and slot machines.

"Jacaranda," he said, "who's on the machines?"

"Ira and Cleo, I think," Jacaranda said.

"Go tell them the meeting is about to start," Dr. Strauss instructed.

Jacaranda eyed Bryce appraisingly. "So, this is the new guy. Cute I guess. Not really my type."

"Sorry," Egon told Bryce. "She likes the emo-goth types."


"Vampire fans," Egon explained. "Where've you been?"

"Research and Development. Network 23," Bryce explained with a shrug. "And why would someone be a vampire fan?"

"Vampires are, like, drop dead sexy. That's why."

"They're what?" Bryce blinked, suppressing a shudder.. "They're ugly. Nosferatu. Bela Lugosi? Ugh!"

"You've been living in a TV network and you never saw 'Fangs and Bangs'? That series about the vampire hair-metal group?"

"The one that every teen in the world except you is just really going ape over?"

"Sorry," Bryce apologized. "Guess I was just busy being a bit more evolved."

At Network 23, Edison was furious. "What do you mean you can't tell me where Bryce is?"

"Bryce has a right to his privacy," Murray argued. "Just trust me when I say that he is going to be all right. "

"I want to know where he is, Murray," Edison demanded.

"Well this time the great Edison Carter isn't going to get his wish."'

"Why not just tell him about the d-d-drugs?" Max suggested.

Murray glared at the construct.

Edison just stared at him in disbelief.

"The what?"

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