-Chapter 6: In Group-

"Okay, everyone," Dr. Strauss told the group as soon as they were all seated around the tables in the group area. "Honesty prevails in this group. First, we have a new guest. He's just arrived today so let's everyone introduce ourselves. Egon, since you've got a head start as his roommate, why don't you start?"

Egon nodded to Bryce. "Egon Skyler Gray," he said. He was petite in stature, lightly tan in color with friendly brown eyes. His wavy medium brown hair, complemented by blond highlights, reached his shoulders. "Car thief. Stole three cars on my block to finance my old PCP habit before I got caught."

Jacaranda was next. "Jacaranda Harris." She was of average height and slightly more than average weight, though most of it was muscle. She was pale in skin color, but had jet black hair in Jheri curls which contrasted with her pale blue eyes. "Never stole anything. But I totally freaked out my mom. She found me half-dead from a near overdose. Cocaine."

"Cleo Royce," the next girl said. She was an underweight girl with impossibly red hair and grey eyes that held the hungry look of the recently detoxed. "'ludes. Stolen from a narcotics museum on a dare. Cop found me tripping on a park bench."

"Excuse me," Egon said. "But isn't the idea of a narcotics museum kind of stupid? It's just begging to get broken into."

"There are also war and weapon museums," Bryce pointed out. "Does that mean we should expect people to start World War IV?"

"And you are?" Cleo asked him.

"Bryce Lynch, Head of Research and Development at Network 23. And busted recently for taking Bitter Angel. Though at this point the reason is a bit obscure."

"No surprise there," another boy spoke up. He was tall and burly and looked like he spent a lot of time working out. "Greg O'Neill. Light marijuana and not so light crack."

"Ira Baines," said a slim boy with dark hair and a hint of a moustache. Like Greg, he was tall and looked like he worked out, though his muscles hadn't built up so much bulk. "Also crack."

Another girl spoke up next. "Rita Myers," she said. "Marijuana possession with intent to sell. They put me in here to observe the consequences of what I do to others."

"And I'm Lucas Thorn," the last member of the group spoke up. "In for a little of everything. Plus auto theft like our pal Egon. You really with Network 23?"

Bryce nodded.

"Great," Lucas said. "When you get back, can you ask them to cancel that stupid Polly Show?"

"I'll see what I can do," Bryce shrugged. "But I'm going to be here for a while. Cheviot says I have to stay at least four months. Or however long it takes to work out what made me take Bitter Angel in the first place."

"Yeah," Greg said. "Why would a genius take a brain screw drug like that?"

"I was trying to forget something, I guess. And now they want me to remember and face it. It's like they're missing the point."

"Maybe they think facing it and getting away from the drugs is better than messing up your mind to forget about it." Dr. Strauss offered.

Bryce merely shrugged.

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