MAX HEADROOM: 20 Minutes Into the Future

Something About Her

Chapter 05: Family Time

As it turned out, Theora thought it was a delightful idea for them to meet up at the restaurant where her brother Shawn worked.

Theora arrived first, along with Murray.

Shawn grinned when he saw her approach. He looked like a typical bad boy, except for his eyes which sparkled with a fierce tenderness that comes with being a family man after having spent months of hardship as a Raker. He still bore the small set of scars across his stomach that had been made by his opponent's glove as the other young man had passed on his rakeboard. He had decided to keep the scars to remind himself of the consequences of rash decisions. It had nearly cost him his life. But in twist of pleasant irony, it had, instead, reunited him with Theora. This was why he made sure he was first at the door to greet her. After many years of not speaking to her, he wanted to make sure he made up for it.

"So, come to check on your little brother?" he said, casually.

"I'm sure you're doing just fine," Theora told him. "How are Winnie and the baby doing?"

"Both fine," Shawn replied. "You and Edison thinking about having any kids yet?"

"Shawn!" Theora exclaimed, laughing. "Not in front of Murray. Anyhow, I'm dating a really nice guy named Ted. And Edison... well, somebody else has a crush on him."

"Who?" Shawn asked.

"You'll see," Theora teased with a grin.

"Would you and Murray like to take a seat while you're waiting? We have some new cocktails on the menu. A Triumphant Headbanger and a Werzump."

"What the heck is a Werzump?"

"Basically it's champagne with creme de menthe," Shawn explained. "Not too bad, really."

"Sounds pretty good," Theora replied. "I think I will try one."

The doors opened and Edison walked in with Bryce and Trace.

"Over here!" Theora called to them.

"Hello, Shawn," Edison greeted. "How's the family?"

"Good," Shawn replied.

"You know Edison, of course," Theora said. "And this is Bryce, our head of Research and Development."

"Stardancer?" Shawn asked, looking closely at the young genius.

Theora, Edison, and Murray traded stunned looks. Had Bryce been involved with Raking?

"And this is my daughter, Trace," Bryce introduced the young woman beside him.

"Daughter?!" Shawn asked, in surprise.

"Genetically engineered," Trace explained, casually. "His and Edison's."

"You probably shouldn't tell everyone," Shawn suggested. "Somebody might use it against you, and that can only lead to heartache."

"He's right," Bryce said. "The whole world needn't know. The important thing is that Edison knows and that I know. Right?"

Trace nodded. "Sorry, dad."

Bryce smiled and gave a slightly bemused shake of his head. "That's going to take a little getting used to." he said.

"So Bryce," Murray asked, once everyone had settled down into their seats around the table, "tell me about Stardancer."

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