MAX HEADROOM: 20 Minutes Into the Future

Something About Her

Epilogue: Meeting Cheviot

Bryce was awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking in the new kitchen that the makeshift building crew had apparently installed the night before.

"Who taught you how to cook?" he asked Trace as soon as he'd dressed and walked into the new room.

"I picked up a few tips on some cooking shows while you were asleep," Trace explained. "As this room is apparently new, I'm guessing you've never cooked before. I didn't know whether to use the bacon or sausage, though. Which would you rather have?"

"Sausage is fine," Bryce smiled. "I see you've eliminated the sunny side or over easy question by poaching the eggs."

"The poached eggs looked tastier to me," Trace admitted. "The sausage links are in the freezer. Go ahead and put a few in the microwave for me. Thanks. Instructions are on the package. We can have fried eggs tomorrow if you like."

Bryce wasn't sure how he ended up taking orders from his own daughter. Maybe he just wanted to make her happy. In the end, however, the sausages ended up in the microwave and he soon found himself setting the small table as well.

Trace sensed his bemusement and smiled quietly to herself. "Thanks, dad."

"I'm glad you look as nice as you do this morning," Bryce told her once they had sat down to breakfast. "You should be presentable since you're going to meet the boss today. Actually, he should be here in a few minutes."

"You should've said something earlier," Trace said. "I could've made him breakfast."

"I'm sure he's had a fine meal already," Bryce assured her, taking a sip of the juice she'd poured him.

There was a knock on the door.

"I'll be right back," Bryce told Trace as he went to the door and opened it. "Good morning."

"What the hell happened here?" Cheviot demanded. "Who authorized these renovations?"

"That would be Edison Carter, sir," Bryce answered. It was true. And Edison wasn't likely to get into too much trouble. The network needed him too badly. "Come in. I'd like you to meet my daughter."

"Your WHAT?" Cheviot sounded like he was ready to fly off the handle. "Bryce Lynch! Of all the irresponsible... I thought you were a genius!"

"What are you on about? Of course I am!" Bryce cut him off. "She happens to have been created in a lab."

"You mean you made her on purpose?!" Cheviot wailed.

"He didn't make me at all," Trace told Cheviot as she joined them, in defense of her younger father. "I was created at Ovu Vat. I learned the name of the place last night," she explained to Bryce. Turning back to Cheviot. "Bryce and Edison had no idea about my existence until I showed up here yesterday afternoon."

"What has Carter got to do with it?" Cheviot demanded.

"He's her other father," Bryce explained. "I think she was made to discredit him. We figured it was safest to keep her here with me. She's virtually invisible this way. And she'll be well protected as well."

"I suppose you want to hire her as your assistant?" Cheviot asked.

"Yes, sir," Bryce agreed, nodding as he spoke.

"Well, assuming she's as brilliant as her father, that's fine with me." Cheviot extended his hand to Trace. "Welcome aboard, Miss..."

Trace shook Cheviot's hand. "Trace Lynch-Carter." She told him.

"Miss Trace Lynch-Carter, it's good to have you on our staff." Cheviot told her. "And it's nice to see him finally eating a decent breakfast." he added, nodding in Bryce's direction.

"Thank you, sir," Trace smiled. "It's not going to be easy for me, though."

"True," Cheviot agreed. "You've got a lot to live up to, being the daughter of Bryce Lynch."

Trace nodded. "Not to mention, the sister of Max Headroom."

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