Struggle of a Lifetime

Geniuses at four years old
Count the petals on the flowers
By the fountain for hours
Nanny watches, her tea cold

Men in navy blue appear
Fearsome orders children taken
Goodbye hugs foresaken
Genius children weep with fear

First school age four to six
Classes well advanced by day
At night they both sneak out to play
They aren't allowed to mix.

Second school seven to nine
They two did not forget each other
More than sister, more than brother
Trading valentines.

Third school, college, ten to twelve
Trained in tech as cold as ice
Jenny's love grows strong for Bryce
In halls where learners delve.

Taken graduation day
By rivals who each other hate
Parted ever by cruel fate
Their pain they dare not say.

Sneaking out to see each other
Hiding in each other's arms
Kid's kisses turn to teenage charms
The pair grow into lovers

At sweet sixteen their secret sweet
Can not be hidden anymore
Their enemies will know the score
From pitter patter of small feet.

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