Chapter Three: Future Conception

Bryce and Jenny walked into the now-hidden room. It wasn't a huge room. But it was big enough for Bryce's needs.

"We need some way of suspending the GroBag before we begin the splice," Jenny pointed out. "It needs to be strong to support the growing foetus."

"If we set up a shower stall in the corner and replace the showerhead with a strong IV hanger it should do." Bryce suggested.

"We'll need to reinforce the hanger," Jenny pointed out. "If we use two hangers, mounted on the wall instead a stand that should do the trick."

"We'll get the supplies tomorrow and meet back here then." Bryce agreed. "Thanks for helping me with this, Jenny."

"I can't honestly say I like the idea," Jenny admitted. "But I know it's something you want really badly. And I know that talking you out of it is out of the question. You know, you really should read up on child-raising. It's a lot of work."

"I will," Bryce told her as they left the room, each heading back to their respective networks.

Early the next morning they returned to World 1. It was easy for them to slip away as it was Saturday. Neither of their bosses took a day off, but both Cheviot (Bryce's boss) and Grossberg (Jenny's) slept late on Saturday mornings.

"Did you read up on babies like I suggested?"

"How difficult could it be?" Bryce asked her. "Shall we begin the splice, then?"

"You got everything?"

Bryce nodded. He felt very excited, even what might be called 'a little giddy'.

"I really wish you'd rethink this," Jenny told him. "You're going to be in for a lot of nasty surprises."

"I have a little sister, Jen'," Bryce told her as he began to manipulate the tiny objects he was looking at through the microscope. "I've seen diapers get changed and watched my mom feed her. I'm not going into this completely blind."

"Watching and doing are two different things, Bryce," Jenny told him. "And what if Edison doesn't love you back? What if he wants nothing to do with this baby?"

"Well," said Bryce who had just completed the splice in the petri dish, "it's too late to turn back now."

Jenny gave a small sigh. "Well, if it doesn't work out I'm always willing to help you out with the baby."

"Little baby's going to need good guidance," Larissa said from the doorway, "I and I will be happy to help keep the small one on the right path."

"Well then," Bryce decided, "I guess that makes Jenny the honorary aunt and Larissa can be godmother."

"Aunt Jenny," Jenny said thoughtfully. "I like that."

"Godmother it is," Larissa agreed, a thoughtful look on her face. To the Eye of the Lion the role of godparent was a very important one and she intended to follow through with her duties as seriously as an astronaut watches his team.

Bryce watched the cells grow and divide.

"Leave it for now," Jenny told him. "It won't be ready for implantation for another day or so."

Bryce checked the room temperature, making sure it was neither too hot nor too cold for the tiny mass of cells that grew in that dish as well as in his heart.

"You think it'll be okay?" He asked, nervously.

"I and I will keep watch," Larissa promised.

"We'll be back tomorrow then," Bryce said. "By that time it should be ready to implant in the GroBag."

"I'll see you, then," Larissa told them.

"I don't know if I'll be going back tomorrow or this week," Jenny told Bryce when they got to Network 23. "I have work to do. So I won't be coming here every time. But you can call me if there's an emergency."

"Thanks, Jenny," Bryce told her. He turned away from her and went inside.

Jenny just sighed and returned to Network 66.

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