Epilogue: Sisters

"Catch me if you can!" Carolyne called out as she ran behind the old car seat that served as Theora's couch.

Bryce Theora Jones bobbed and weaved as she tried to figure out which way would be the best path to head off her big sister.

The two girls loved to spend the weekends with their Aunt Theora and Uncle Edison. It was always a lot of fun. Especially on those rare occasions when Bryce's namesake and godfather came to visit.

Like her namesake, Bryce Theora loved gadgets. And Bryce Lynch always brought her a fascinating item to play with. He even bought her a collection of She-Ra toys to match his He-Man collection, with Shawn and Winnie's permission of course.

Bryce Theora didn't play with them very much, however. She prefered her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection, and was particularly interested in Master Splinter. Though if asked, she would always say she liked Raphael best. Her sister liked Donatello."

Sometimes the two sisters would take out all of the toys so that Shredder and Evil-Lyn would team up and try to take over the universe while She-Ra and and the Turtles would try to save it while, of course, also trying to rescue April O'Neil and Leonardo who both always seemed to get kidnapped. Nobody ever figured out why Leonardo always got kidnapped in their games. It just seemed like a fun thing to pretend.

Bryce had to admit that Bryce Theora was very happy.

So was he.

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