Max Headroom

The high price of genius

By Axel Ingleson

Bryce had managed to track Jenni down. When Edison had volunteered to retrieve her, Bryce insisted upon joining him.

Since Jenni was Bryce's former classmate, Edison had not refused. But he was very worried. Some unknown killer or killers had targeted Bryce's class and until he found out who had been responsible for the death of several young geniuses, he would not stop worrying about Bryce.

Arriving at Jenni's location, Edison ordered Bryce to stay with the car.

"I don't think so," Bryce disagreed, following Edison into the building.

"You're in love, aren't you?"

"No," Bryce shook his head. "Why do people keep asking me that? Jenni was my classmate. That's all."

"She's going to be more than that soon," the woman who had abducted Jenni told him.

"You're the one who took her," Bryce realized.

"We had to keep her safe," the Japanese man told him. "What with her carrying your child and all."

"What?" Bryce asked, certain that he had not heard him correctly. "That's impossible."

"Bryce," Jenni said. "You never had an appendectomy. It was all a ruse to collect genetic material from you to impregnate me with."

"The really good news is that this is your wedding day."

Bryce and Jenni glared at him.

As far as Bryce was concerned, he did not intend to marry Jenni. She was a good friend, but that was all. His heart, though he would never admit it, belonged to another.

"I don't think so," Bryce shook his head. "You had no right breeding us, like we were some kind of animals."

"Besides," Edison cut in, "Bryce is already spoken for."

Unexpectedly, he pulled Bryce to himself and kissed the young genius full on the lips.

Bryce, realizing he had to make it look good, responded to the kiss, which ended up lasting a bit longer than necessary.

Besides, it was Edison he had lost his heart to.

When Edison finally stopped kissing him, Bryce purred, contentedly and rested his head against Edison's chest, much to the surprise of Murray and Theora who had been amongst the people at Network 23 (at last count all but Bryce) who had been unaware of the head of R&D's feelings for their star reporter.

Edison kept his arms around Bryce, protectively. "I won't let them hurt you." He promised.

"What about the baby?" Bryce asked. "We can't just abandon Jenni. She's my friend, Edison."

"We'll do what we can to help her," Edison promised. "Jenni, if you want to stay with us…"

"I can't," Jenni apologized. "I have other obligations."

"What about the baby?"

"I'll be all right," Jenni promised. She didn't sound convinced, though.

"Isn't this all sentimental," the woman sneered. "Too bad this isn't about sentimentality. It's all about credits. Now," she pointed a gun at Jenni's head. "Even you aren't faster than a bullet, Edison Carter. So I suggested you step aside and we get down to the business of this marriage."

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