Max Headroom

The high price of genius

By Axel Ingleson

Back at Network 23, Theora and Murray were horrified by the predicament that Bryce was in.

"What are we going to do?" Theora asked. "There must be some way we can help them."

Max considered the situation, and then vanished. A moment later, he returned. "All take take taken care of. Of."

"Max?" Theora asked. "What did you just do?"

"Somehow," Murray muttered, "I don't think I want to know."

At the kidnappers' lair, the woman accessed the wedding channel. She ordered Jenni to insert her credit tube for alteration at the close of the nuptial ceremony.

Then it was Bryce's turn.

"I'm sorry, but this ceremony has been cancelled," the Wedding Channel's main presenter told them.

"Cancelled?" the Japanese man asked. "Why?"

"The groom is already married." The presenter explained.

"To whom?" the woman demanded.

"Edison Carter."

Edison kissed Bryce again, which was fortunate because Bryce had been so surprised to find out that he was married to the man he loved that he had chosen that moment to faint.

Back at Network 23, Theora turned to face Murray. "Murray? When did Edison marry Bryce?"

They turned to look at Max.

"Max?" Murray asked. "Did you alter Bryce's and Edison's credit information to make them appear married?

"Mmm… I might have done something like that. That." Max confessed.

"Max, that's brilliant!" Theora praised.

"Just one problem," Murray told her. "As soon as the information was changed, the credit banks accepted Bryce and Edison as a couple. They're legally married now."

"Somehow," Theora said, looking at the screen where Bryce was still snuggled close in Edison's arms, "I don't think the news is going to upset them."

"Well, we'll just have to make him a widower," the woman turned her gun on Edison and was about to pull the trigger when Bryce dove at her, grabbing for the gun and trying to wrestle it from her grasp.

Edison ducked out of the way, and tried to grab the gun from the struggling pair.

All of a sudden, it went off.

Bryce gave a small whimper of pain, then fell over and lie, bleeding, on the ground.

"Oh, damn," Edison swore. "Bryce."

"I told you not to kill anyone without my permission," the Japanese man said, angrily. He pulled a gun from his own pocket and fired a single shot into the head of the woman. Then he looked bitterly at Edison. "Trans-Network link project terminated." He grumbled, as he walked out of the building.

Edison knelt down beside his unexpected husband and shook him. "Bryce. Stay awake. Don't you dare leave me."

"Need sleep…" Bryce whispered. "Please… lemme sleep."

"No, Bryce," Edison replied. "No. Don't go to sleep."

Theora was in tears as she contacted the medical center and had them dispatch an ambulance to Edison, Bryce, and Jenni's location.

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