The Star Child's Heir

(being a Galactica 1980/Max Headroom link fic)

(Disclaimer: Neither Galactica 1980 nor Max Headroom belong to me.)

It had been seven and a half years since the Galactica had found the planet they had so desperately fought their way across the universe to get to. Now it was early 1988, and by now many of their people had settled in North America.

But not all of them settled in the United States.

One night, after a few hours of listening to a few Earth broadcasts, Dr. Zee summoned Commander Adama to his room.

"You wished to see me, Dr. Zee?" Adama inquired.

"Commander, I do not believe the United States would be the most ideal place for me to live once I leave the Galactica."


"While it is a good place, and would be perfectly safe, my voice would blend in more readily with the people of a place called England."

"I see," Adama considered. "Well, you are an adult now, so you're free to set up home wherever you think is best. But, please. Keep in touch."

"I do not believe I shall have the time."

"Dr. Zee?"

"I cannot explain at this time. But do not worry. All will be well."

"Of course. When will you be leaving?"

"Presently. There is no point in waiting since we have both known this day would come."

"Then, I wish you good luck."

"Thank you, Commander. I wish you good fortune as well."

Adama watched as Dr. Zee picked up the suitcase he had packed between the time he'd been summoned and the time he'd arrived, then walked with him to the hangar where Dr. Zee's ship awaited. Dr. Zee had promised would send the ship back to the Galactica after he disembarked. He would have no further need of it.

Dr. Zee boarded the ship and sat down in the command chair.

"I am ready," he told the crew.

Adama watched as the ship lifted off. As it departed, a nurse hurried into the room, her eyes full of worry.

"Who just took off?" she asked.

"Dr. Zee," Adama replied. "He's decided he would blend in best with the people of England."

"He won't be able to blend in with the men of any country in a few months." the nurse told Adama, concernedly.

"What makes you say that?" Adama wanted to know.

"He's pregnant."

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