The Star Child's Heir

(being a Galactica 1980/Max Headroom link fic)

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Things were quiet on Earth for Dr. Zee and the others in London until the last month of the third trimester. It was then that a large Cylon task force made their attacks on England, the United States, and Japan, causing massive land damage and resulting in a great number of human casualties.

Dr. Zee had remained on Earth when he had realized his pregnancy was too fragile to risk the higher gravity on the Galactica. Now, he was trapped in a shelter with his companions and a nurse from Earth that Jaimie had taken into their confidence minutes after the Galactican doctor had been killed by a Cylon invader. She had worked at the local hospital until the Cylons had leveled it the previous afternoon. There was a combination of fear and determination in her eyes as she checked over Jaimie and the Galacticans.

"Well, you all seem unharmed," she told them. Then she dropped the bombshell. "However, you need to get your friend to the hospital as quickly as possible for an emergency c-section. The baby has turned and is ready to be born."

"She's right," Dr. Zee told them, standing in doorway that lead from the shelter's main room to the pantry where the food was kept. "There's enough food to last us for a week. But we need baby formula and I need to give birth soon."

"But the local hospital was destroyed."

"Then we need to go to the nearest one," Dillon pointed out. "How far is it? Janine?"

"Thirty miles away in Chertsey," the nurse said, coming to her senses. If she was going to survive this new reality, then she'd better be professional. No more letting the shock get to her. She was a nurse, and people needed her. "The staff there have always been trained to deal with critical situations and the unexpected. We'll have our best luck with them."

"We can't risk ultra speed transport," Troy decided. "It would be too dangerous for the baby. We'll have to find another way."

"I'll call for an ambulance," Janine said. "We'll have to take the hospital staff into our confidence. Like I said before, they're trained to handle the unexpected."

"How do we know we can trust them to keep this pregnancy a secret?" Dillon asked.

"Doctor-Patient confidentiality," Janine assured them. "No information about any patient can be released without the patient's consent."

"We don't have a choice," Dr. Zee said, clearly in great discomfort. "The baby is ready to be born, and it cannot be born aboard the Galactica. The ship's stronger gravitational forces could crush its fragile form."

"Let's go then," Jaimie said, wanting to leave the shelter as quickly as she could. It had started feeling cramped in there, with nowhere to go. Now they had a place to go, and a very good reason to go there.

The first thing Jaimie and Janine both thought to themselves was how sad it was that Dr. Zee's child had to been born into such devestation. The Cylons had been defeated, but the casualties were still great, and those who had survived the war were in shock. Many of them just hid and grieved, while a few tried to work out how to put their lives back together.

"You must help them," Dr. Zee told Troy. "I will not be here to help you. I've done all I can to stay alive long enough to have my child. I will not survive the operation. Do not worry," he told Janine, "it is not anyone's fault. Although my mind is greatly advanced, my body has always been somewhat frail."

"And yet, you risked it for the sake of this child," Troy said. "Why?"

"The child's mind will be as advanced as my own," Dr. Zee explained. "That is my gift to the people of this world. When he is old enough, my son will provide them with the technology I will not be here to give. He turned to Janine, and put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm placing my child in your hands. I want you to raise him. It is almost time for Miss Hamilton to return to the United States, she'll be needed there to help with the casualties her country has taken. And I'm certain her colleagues are worried about her."

"I'll come back to check on the baby whenever I can," Jaimie promised.

"Thank you," Dr. Zee said, as the ambulance arrived and Janine helped load him into the back.

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