Triad of Souls by Elegant Butler

A Multi-Fandom tale.

-Chapter One: Three Tears in the Fabric: The First Tear-

It was impossible to say exactly what caused the tear in the fabric of reality. Some Blanks believed it was an act of God. People in Syberis Condos were of the opinion that the TV Networks were boosting their signals too much. Whatever the reason, the tear was there. At street level, though nobody seemed to be able to pass through it. When some of the city's best trained scientists had tried to send things through it, they merely hit the barrier and bounced off.

Edison Carter was curious to know what his best friend thought about it.

"I already know what you're going to ask me, Edison," Bryce Lynch said as he turned away from what he was working on. "My opinion about the dimensional tear."

"You think that's what it is. Not time or space, but dimension?"

"I don't see how it could be anything else. I'd like to get a closer look."

"Nobody can," Edison pointed out.

"They don't have the right signature," Bryce told him with a simple shrug, as if this should've been obvious.

"And you do?" Edison asked.

"I won't know until I go there," Bryce replied. "But somebody does. Otherwise the tear wouldn't be here."

"Wouldn't it be somebody like a king, or politician of some note?"

"Rare as this is, it's most likely a natural phenomenon."

"An act of God?" Edison raised an eyebrow.

"If you mean as in 'God left the door open', then yes." Bryce put on his coat and followed Edison to his car.

The drive to the tear was short. Edison parked several yards away from it,

"It looks like nothing more than a narrow prism," Bryce observed. " must admit, I'm mildly disappointed. I was expecting something on a grander scale. Still, it would be unscientific to assume anything based on it's appearance or it's size,"

One of the men who were already examining it turned to look at them.

"Great. Here com that hotshot reporter Carter and some kid."

"That kid," one of the man's colleagues told him, "is one of the finest minds in this city."

Bryce and Edison approached the tear. As they drew nearer to it, it opened up, just a bit.

"Did you see that?" Another scientist asked. "Everyone, move away from it."

They all backed away several feet to where Edison and Bryce were standing.

"Edison, walk forward," Bryce suggested.

"Why me?" Edison asked.

"You're a reporter. Maybe they want to send a message."

Edison stepped forward, but the tear did not respond.

"It figures," Bryce sighed.

"No," Edison said. "You're not..."

"It's me that it wants, Edison," Bryce said. "And you can't follow."

"We can go through at the same time," Edison said. "I can't have you just walk into possible danger without a protector. Besides, this might be the biggest story of my career."

Bryce laughed. "I knew it wasn't just for me. Okay. But hold onto me as tightly as you can when we get to the barrier. We're going to have to fall through sideways in an embrace otherwise it'll close up too quickly and I don't want to think of what might happen."

They stepped up to the tear, staying as close to each other as possible. When they had reached it, Edison pulled Bryce into a very tight hug.

"Now." Bryce said, and they both tumbled into the tear and out of sight. A moment later, the tear closed up, leaving nothing but normal space where it had been.

"Great," one of the remaining scientists muttered as he looked at the spot where Edison Carter had just been. "What am I supposed to watch now?"

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