Triad of Souls by Elegant Butler

A Multi-Fandom tale.

-Chapter Two: Three Tears in the Fabric: The Second Tear-

Kenny and Samantha Travis had only been married for a week. Their recent experience as Druid Warriors had cleared any thought of going to San Francisco right out of Kenny's mind. He was certainly not going to abandon his home town to another possible invasion.

Although he and Sam were only newlyweds, they made sure to invite their fathers over for dinner each night. After seeing what they had, there was no doubt in the young couple's minds that they had one of the closest families in town.

It wasn't always so. Time was when Sam's father, who had been the reverend of the local church, had stepped away from his friends in order to protect his daughter from the temporary death that all Druid Warriors must face. When Sam had done the deed herself in order to fight alongside Kenny, her father had finally relented his lifelong feud with Kenny's and had been welcome back into the small community of Druids who had spent their lifetimes protecting the town and it's people.

"There's something you need to know, Kenny," his father told him.

"Is it about that thing that appeared by the pond?" Kenny asked.

"Yes," his father said. "I know you've made up your mind to stay here and protect us, son. But that may not be an option."

"That goes for you, too, Sam," the Reverend told his daughter. "You're both warriors. It's your duty to stand by your town and protect it, that is true. But it also your duty to go forth and find out if this thing, whatever it is, may be good or evil."

"I understand," Sam nodded. "Kenny, we can't put it off any longer. We have to go tonight."

"After supper, then," Kenny said.

"Now," the senior Mr. Travis countered. "After supper, we'll all be too laid back to take it as seriously as we need to."

"But," Samantha began.

"We'll tidy up," her father promised. "Your father-in-law and I may be old, but we're not out of the game yet."

"Come with us to the pond, then, so we can say goodbye. Just in case we can't get back."

"All right," the Reverend agreed. "We'll all go to the pond together."

The four of them walked to the pond. When they arrived, the tear was still present. It hummed softly as if in a pleasant greeting.

"Is it singing to us?" Sam asked.

"I'd like to think so," Kenny asnwered. "I think we should hug and just fall into it."

"I think so, too," Sam agreed.

"Be careful," Kenny's father said, cheerfully.

"We just fought a warlock," Kenny shook his head. "Nothing can be weirder than that."

A moment later, Kenny and Sam clung to each other and fell sideways into the tear.

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