Triad of Souls by Elegant Butler

A Multi-Fandom tale.

-Chapter Three: Three Tears in the Fabric: The Third Tear-

Jacob stood before the tear in silence while Tyr, revealed to him during Fenrir's attack on the city, watched from nearby. To say that Tyr wished he could follow Jacob into the tear would be a lie. Great warrior gods like him did not coddle, but instead encouraged the glory of adventure.

For the briefest of moments, Jacob thought of the world of his comfort. It hadn't actually been that recently, though, had it? Not since Fenrir had turned it upside down. It had taken a rather amusingly mismatched group of heroes including himself, an archaeologist, an artist, a foul-mouthed police detective with a fondness for Pez, and mysterious clockmaker who had turned out to be none other than Tyr himself to finally defeat the harbinger of Ragnarok. No, there was no greater safety, he decided, in staying in this world than there would be in leaving it behind.

Without another thought, Jacob leapt through the tear.

Edison Carter privately thought that he was glad that Murray hadn't come with them. The producer of the "What I Want To Know" show very nearly had an anxiety attack with just one Bryce Lynch around. Now, in this place at any rate, there appeared to be three of him.

That wasn't quite right, though. It wasn't three exact copies. Each looked slightly different, the other two had slightly longer hair and appeared to have had been through harder struggles than Bryce had. But there was no denying the resemblance.

Bryce, Kenny, and Jacob were in a three-way staring contest as if each were challenging the other two to prove that they were not illusions or some other kind of fakery.

"How did you come to be here?" Bryce finally asked.

"A tear appeared in my world," Jacob replied.

"And in mine, also," Kenny agreed.

"You don't need to explain, Kenny," Samantha said, glaring at Bryce. "Not to this warlock... or whatever he is."

"Warlock?!" Bryce laughed. "What fantasy world do you live in? There are no such things as warlocks or mystical spells."

"If that is true where you come from then I am both glad and sorry for you," Kenny told him. "My wife and I had to die and be reborn, literally mind you, in order to take on a rather nasty warlock."

"Wife?" Bryce blinked. "Well, that confirms it. Definitely not an impostor. I think we can relax, Edison. The three of us may have the same appearance and dimensional signature, but none of us is trying to trick the others."

Edison didn't ask Bryce why Kenny's wife had been the convincing detail. He had his suspicions about the young genius, but that was a discussion, if Bryce wanted to have it, for another time and place.

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