-Chapter 2: The Genius - Traveling-

Bryce wondered if what he was doing made any sense. Only moments ago he was being rescued from an attack in the open street by a large crow. Now he was following a man he'd never seen before out of the city and toward the countryside beyond the Fringes.

The man's voice sounded like the one that had been in his mind, true. But that was not a very good reason for Bryce to follow him.

But Bryce felt the urge to trust him. Which made even less sense since the bird in his vision had claimed to be a demon.

So the three possibilities were that either he was going mad, the man was already mad, or they were both sane (which meant the man was indeed a demon). In any case, it was probably not the greatest situation to just throw himself into.

On the other hand, being asked to educate a member of the gentry in the ways of modern technology was not an offer to be taken lightly.

True, there was the chance it was a lie. But it seemed a very strange thing to lie about. In fact, one might argue that it was too strange to be anything other than true.

"I feel you don't fully trust me," the man who called himself Sebastian Michaelis said. "That is rather wise of you. I can tell that my choice of teacher for my young master has been well founded."

"You saved my life," Bryce said. "And I am grateful for that. However, I still am not fully reassured that you will not devour my soul. After all, you said yourself that you only need your master's permission to do so."

"That is the case," Sebastian said, grinning. "However, you may rest assured that those members of our household currently residing with us have no fear of me except a healthy respect of me as a butler. And neither will you in time."

Bryce did not speak. He only processed Sebastian's information in his mind as he followed the debonair butler until they reached the wastelands beyond the Fringes.

Bryce stopped. He had no intention of strolling across the wastelands. The soil and rocks were saturated with poison. If Sebastian could really become a bird, lucky him. But Bryce had no such abilities.

Without effort or warning, the demon butler picked Bryce up and draped him over his shoulder. Then ran so fast that his feet rarely touched the ground.

They quickly reached the safety of the countryside beyond. Sebastian set Bryce back on his feet again.

"This way," the demon said, simply, leading Bryce toward the estate where the Earl Ciel Phantomhive resided.

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