Chapter 3: The Genius - A Demon

Sebastian led Bryce into the Phantomhive Manor.

"Our young master is this way," the butler said, motioning Bryce to follow him down the corridor to Ciel's study.

Ciel Phantomhive took one look at Bryce and frowned, darkly.

"Sebastian," he complained, "could you not find a more suitable person?"

"Bryce Lynch is the best in this city as far as technology goes, My Lord," Sebastian explained. "Plus, I was of the understanding that you wanted a young teacher because he would have a better idea of how you felt."

"I didn't mean a little boy," Ciel huffed, pointedly.

Bryce started for the door. "I fear my efforts would be wasted on such a closed-minded individual as this little brat," he told Sebastian. "I'm sorry that you have wasted your time."

"Stop," Sebastian ordered Bryce, his voice brooking no denials. Turning to Ciel, he added. "Young Master, may I be permitted to correct this problem in the most expedient way possible?"

Ciel made a 'what the heck' gesture, earning a smile from his demon butler.

Bryce was almost instantly four inches taller than he had been. His hair had been short and slightly messy before. Now it fell down his back to his waist, a narrow braid in the center.

As if by instinct, he held his hand out, palm up. Above it appeared the ghost of a computer. With a wave of his other hand, he caused a wraith-screen to appear above it.

"Sebastian," Ciel said, regally.

Sebastian bowed to his young master, who promptly grabbed him by an ear and dragged him over to a corner.

"You made him a demon, didn't you?" Ciel hissed at his butler. "Now what are we supposed to do?"

Bryce came to himself and walked over to the mirror. He studied his new appearance, cocking his head quizzically to one side in surprise.

"Wow," he whispered.

"Those clothes look ridiculous," Ciel noted. "Sebastian, find him something more suitable."

"Yes, My Lord."

Ciel wasn't sure whether Sebastian truly found the outfit he'd selected for Bryce to be suitable for demons, or if he was just having a joke at his expense. When Sebastian and Bryce had returned to the manor, Bryce was clad in a pair of shimmering jeans, an open leather vest, and an elegant mask reminiscent of those worn by the gentry when they danced in fancy dress.

"So, this is suitable?"

Sebastian nodded. "My Lord, the mode of dress has altered significantly since I first became your butler."

"Promise me that I will never have to wear such things as those," Ciel ordered.

"Yes, My Lord."

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