"Auntie Dominique! You're not going to believe this! Big Time is in the top three spots. We actually beat out several of the networks!"

"Why shouldn't I believe it, Jareth?" Dom smiled. "You've got your dad's talent after all. I bet ol' Cheviot is sorry he turned you down now."

"Why did Network 23 refuse me a contract? I was the valedictorian at ACS. You'd think they'd want me more than anyone else."

"Ben Cheviot lost a good employee when your dad refused to turn away from your mum," Reg explained. "He never forgave poor Paula. Good thing for us he held a grudge. Eh, Dom?"

"It was a blessing for us indeed." Dom agreed. "You going out with Shelly again?"

"Yeah," Jareth told her. "We're going to the little karaoke cafe. She has such a beautiful singing voice. I think it's what I first fell in love with. The rest just happened naturally after that."

"Your parents were good at singing, too," Reg told her. "Especially your dad. I heard him sing you to sleep a couple of times when he and your mom had us over for dinner with the Carters."

"I wish I'd got to know them better," Jareth said. "It's my fault they died."

"Nonsense!" Dom told her. "We all thought the pond was safe that day. We all were looking forward to skating. You nearly died also. When they heard the ice start to crack, they did what any good parents would do and rushed to save you."

"And they drowned under the ice," Jareth said, bitterly. "I hate winter. Nothing good ever happens then."

"What about Christmas?" asked Reg, worriedly.

"Just a day to remember everyone you lost," Jareth told him.

A car horn sounded outside.

"Gotta run, Uncle Reg," she said. "Shelly's here."

Jareth Lynch ran outside to her girlfriend's car and got in, waving to Reg and Dom as Blank Shelly and she headed off to the karaoke bar.

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