Based on the TV Show "Lost Girl"

A.N.: So just for clarification, I'm setting this fic somewhere between Ciara's first appearance (cause oddly enough I'm kinda starting to like her character) and "Original Skin".

Oh, is this is the second upload of it, since the first seem to have failed.

Two and Half Weeks Before

"Come on, BoBo," Kenzi ordered, hands firmly placed on the Bo's shoulders as she tried to navigate her best friend through the crowd at the Dal, "Mush!"

"Kenzi!" the unaligned succubus tried to wriggle out from under her friend's grasp, at the same time failing to keep the bemusement out of her voice, "I don't..."

"No," the Kenzi stopped her, both physically and verbally. Leaning over her shoulder, she continued, "Look, you agreed to come out tonight. We need to do this, Bo. Think of it as a pre-emptive strike from binge cleaning," she moved around to face her, putting on her best sad face, "Because, honestly, I can't take my hands being that pruny again. Please, don't make me face the pruny!"

She folded her hand, jutting her lip out in a small pout. Bo let out an exasperant sigh.

"Fine, fine," she replied, holding her hands up in surrender as she rolled her eyes, "One drink. Just one."

"Which is what you always say," Kenzi replied with a triumphant smile, taking the succubus' hand and pulling her towards the bar. They spotted Trick on their approach, apparently in deep conversation with a woman neither recognized. As they drew closer, they watched the bartender hand her a beer as she nodded to him before leaning over to pick up a worn, grey duffle bag sitting her feet. Turning around, she barely missed hitting Bo with the bag.

"Oh, excuse me," she said, looking down quickly and brushing past them. The pair turned to watch her go and then looked at each other.

"Rude much?" Kenzi muttered under her breath, glancing in the woman's direction again, before turning back to the bar and calling out cheerfully, "Trickster!"

"Hello, Kenzi," the old Fae replied, offering the pair a smile, "Bo."

"Hey, Trick," Bo replied, returrning the greeting as she took a seat, "Who was that?"

"Out of towner checking in," Trick explained, automatically pulling out a couple glasses and walking toward the tap, "Light fae."

"Cool," Kenzi muttered, taking a seat next to her besty, "So what's her fae-tastic ability?"

The bartender shot the human a look over his shoulder, before shaking his head.

"Shockingly, I didn't ask," he replied, tilting the filled glass up and handing it to Bo, "Haven't we already told you that question is considered rude in our culture?"

"Yeah," Kenzi responded, stretching her arms out over the bar, "But that's because you assume everytime you say something, I'm going to listen."

Trick snorted, finishing pouring the second glass. Walking over, he set it in front of the girl and tilted his head to eye her seriously.

"The day I think you'll listen to everything I say," he said, "Is the day I'm in the ground as worm food."

"So, what's she here for?" Bo interjected, seeing her friend's eyes narrow mischievously. She glanced over her shoulder to follow the woman's movements towards the tables in the back.

"Visiting family, apparently," Trick replied, breaking eye contact with Kenzi to follow her line of sight, "Honestly, with all that's been going on around here, a majority of the clans have been gathering their own from all the corners of the to speak."

"Oh," Bo replied, The Fae woman had taken up a lone seat near the pool table, laying her travel bag near her feet. She appeared young, possibly somewhere around Kenzi's age (though with the Fae that meant she could be almost a century). The plaid blouse she wore hung loosely on her slender frame with the rolled up sleeves bunched at the elbows making her look younger still. Her worn jeans and boots suggested she'd spent an extended time walking along highways and city streets. Her long, dark hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, highlighting the femininity in her narrow features.

Suddenly, as if knowing she was being watched, the woman's eyes snapped in Bo's direction surprising the succubus with their intensity. God, they almost look like Dyson's, she thought, instantly regretting it. Turning away, she took a sip of her beer, trying to ignore the flair of emotions running through her.

"So what have you two been up to lately?" Trick's asked as she turned back. She could feel the look Kenzi shot her from the side.

"Stuff," she replied, looking up at him, "Cases. What did you mean by things going on around here?"

"Oh, well, with the change in the Ash and," Trick sounded as if didn't want to get into just what the "events" might be, "Certain clans are intensly protective of their interests."

"So, the Fae are having a group round of Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's?" Kenzi asked, downing some of the beer. Trick laughed.

"Something like that," he replied, "It should settle down soon. I'll fill you in later, but I need to get back to my patrons. As you can see, it's busy tonight."

"It's cool," Bo said, waving him off, "We'll be fine."

"I honestly don't think I can handle hearing more about Fae politics," she added in a whisper to Kenzi as the barkeep walked off.

"Here, here," the human responded enthusiastically.

"Crap," Kenzi said, an hour and a couple drinks later, "I think I left my phone in the car. Can I get the keys, B?"

"Sure," the succubus replied, reaching into her pocket. She'd loosened up considerably through the evening and was even beginning to look around the room with a familiar, hungry look, "Just don't get lost."

"No promises," Kenzi replied, swiping the metal from her hand as she hopped off the bar stool, "Back in two shakes."

Outside, her chipper attitude melted away into alertness as she walked to the car. The air had grown cold in the late evening and she'd begun to get a creepy feeling the moment she'd stepped out of the Dal. Crossing the parking lot quickly, she unlocked the passenger car door and bent over to look under the seat. Sure enough, the small piece of technology was wedged in there, safely hidden from view on the outside. Reaching over, she pulled it out, quickly checking to make sure she hadn't missed any messages. Thankfully, most urgent ones were from Hale, asking if she'd be hanging at the pub.

Closing the door behind her, she started to type a response when something shot past her, knocking the phone out of her hands. Jumping into a defensive stance, she looked up to see two young, incredibly good-looking young men walking towards her. Crap, she thought, twisting the keys in her hand so they protruded between her fingers, This isn't good.

"Hi, boys," she said, keeping a brave face, as tried to scoot away from the vehicle. The two must have been anticipating that, because before she could blink, they were on either side of her.

"Where do you think your going, human?" the one on her right asked, leering hungrily at her.

"Just going to go get my drink on," Kenzi snipped back, glarring up at him, "Got a problem with that, buddy?"

She was destinctly aware the other was moving in close behind her, blocking off her option of running. The one she faced let out a low chuckle.

"Not usually," he replied, leaning over her, "But my friend and I are very, very hungry; and your just the right si-"

She swung on instinct, aiming to cause as much damage as possible. The Fae's reflexes, whatever kind he was, were a tad faster however as he caught her wrist painfully before she could reach him.

"Ow!" Kenzi cried, immediately struggling to pull away. She felt the hands of the "friend" behind her grab her shoulders, holding her in place while the one holding her wrist leaned towards her face, his mouth growing impossibly wide,"Oh, This is not my day!"

"Hey!" A female voice rang out from the darkness, surprising all three. Turning away from her impending doom, Kenzi watched as a female figure stepped out from the back alley into view. As she came into the light, Kenzi recognized her as the woman from the bar.

Petulantly, the face-eater dropped her hand and whirled around to face the intruder.

"This isn't your business, Light," he growled, taking a step towards her, "Clear off."

The Fae stopped her approach, giving her challenger a steely gaze. Crossing her arms, she raised an eyebrow skeptically and took a deep breath.

"Let her go," she responded calmly, pointing in Kenzi's direction, "She's claimed."

"Oh?" the face-eater challenged, "Well, her owner doesn't care enough to keep an eye on her or put a collar on, so why do you?"

Again, the Fae let out an impatient sigh. Lowering her arms, she rolled her shoulders back as if loosening up for a fight.

"You heard me," she replied, slowly and deliberately, "She's claimed human on neutral territory. So, unless you want me to kick both your and your buddy's asses, I'd suggest you'd let her go."

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