Based on the TV Show "Lost Girl"

"Dyson! Dyson, wake up!" Kenzi's cry echoed loudly along the marble hallway. No matter how loud she yelled, though, the noise seemed unable to break through to the dreaming shifter as he thrashed and growled in the bed, appearing to fight something only he could see. Even the blaring screech of the monitor's alarm coming to life did little to rouse him. Panicked, Kenzi reached down to grab his shoulders, torn between shaking him or trying to hold him down. The moment she touch him, however, his eyes flew open and the alarm fell silent.

"Oh, thank g-ech!"

Before she had time to react, Dyson's hand shot upwards, grasping Kenzi's throat tightly. Eyes glowing yellow, he let out a ear splitting howl, surging up from the bed and slamming her painfully against the backwall. Kenzi screamed, or at least tried to; but all that came out was a choked sputter of air as her hands flew up to enclose Dyson's wrist. Instinctively, she kicked towards him, attempting to push him off with a quick shot at his gonads. Her feet merely flailed, however, sliding helplessly on the tile floor as he used his height to lean over her just out of reach.

"D-Dyson," she finally manage to groan, smacking weakly at the hand tightening around her neck. The dark spots in front of her eyes were growing broader, covering everything but the pair of fierce yellow eyes staring down at her. This isn't how I want to die, "Please."

She saw it the moment he was under control again. Eyes snapping back to their usual human appearance, his hand immediately releasing its grip on her windpipe as he pulled back from. She barely noticed the absence as pain blossomed across every part of her body. Sinking to her knees, Kenzi grasped her throat gingerly, coughing heavily.

"What...the...hell, Dy-...son," she managed to gasp out, briefly glaring up at him, "Dyson?"

The shifter, who had backed all the way to his hospital cot, was staring at her in utter amazement. No, Kenzi thought as she glanced up at him again still coughing, as if he can't believe he's really seeing me. The expression was unnerving, but nothing compared to his next words.

"K-Kenzi?" Dyson stuttered, taking a tenative step towards the girl. A bad feeling instantly shot along the human's spine. In all her time knowing him, Kenzi had never heard the man stutter once. Not even in front of Bo.

"Dys-," she began, only to find herself suddenly yanked to her feet and into a tight embrace, "Woah...okay, hugs?"

Cautiously and more out of habit, she found herself wrapping her arm around the Fae's waist, patting him gently on the back.

"Alright, D-man," she gasped as she felt Dyson tighten his hold on her, "Kenzi can't breathe."

Immediately, he pulled away.

"Sorry," he replied, his hands remaining tight on both her shoulders, "Are you alright?"

"Oh, spectacular!" Kenzi replied, her irritation flashing to the surface as she pushed him completely off her and smacked him in the shoulder for good measure, "You know, except for getting nearly choked to death by a werewolf, I'm fantastic! What the hell is wrong with you, Dyson?"

To his credit, the Fae had enough awareness to look down at his feet, appearing suitably guilty. He didn't even bother correcting her mislabeling of his kind as he listened to her go off. Just hearing her again brought more relief then he could explain.

"Christ," she continued, reaching up to gently dab the back of her head. She could feel a raging headache coming on and couldn't decide if it was caused by the oxygen depravation or the Bo-worthy wall slam. She winced as her fingers brushed a tender spot. Wall slam it was then, " If I'd known you'd react like that, I'd of let Lauren wake you."

The mention of the Doctor's name caused Dyson to glance up, offering Kenzi another glimpse of the same bewildered expression he had had when he let her go. Again, the same bad feeling shot along her spine and she found herself glancing to either side for an exit. Stop it, she mentally yelled at herself, It's Dyson.

Who just tried to kill you, another voice responded from the recesses of her mind. It didn't help her guilt when she flinched as he took a step towards her.

"Laur-" he began, when the echoeing sound of footsteps caught the attention of both. A second later, the doctor ran into the room, coming to a stop at the site in front of her.

"Someone want to tell me what's going on?" she asked

"That must have been one hell of a nightmare," Trick's voice sounded, amplifed over speaker phone. Once Lauren had the whole story, Kenzi had been looked over, and Dyson had been put back in bed (this time with an EKG attached), the three had called the Elder to report what had happened.

"No kidding," Kenzi muttered, adjusting the ice-pack she'd been given to a less tender spot. Over Lauren's objections, she'd insisted in taking up the uncomfortable seat again, having it moved across the room from Dyson with the light doctor standing as a pseudo-arbiter between them.

On the other end of the line, they could hear Trick let out a tired sigh before he responded, "I know this is personal, Dyson, but do you think you can tell us what it was you dreamt? It might help me narrow down what it is that might be doing this too you?"

"Whatever it is," Lauren interjected, glancing at the shifter, "I haven't been able to detect any physical effects that could point to a source."

"Are we even sure this is being caused by a Fae?" Dyson asked quietly. All eyes in the room snapped questioningly towards him.

"Don't be stupid, Dyson," Trick responded over the phone, catching the younger Fae's implication, "You're not going crazy."

"I didn't smell anything, Trick," Dyson argued, his voice raising slightly, "Or hear anything."

"Well, contrary to what you may believe," Trick replied back, voice and tone even, "There are plenty of Fae in this world that can avoid detection by senses. Even ones as good as yours."

"Then how did they get in?" Dyson shot back, "Everyone's ability has a range. Unless your suggesting the Ash has a breach in security, anything that could do...this wouldn't be able to get within two feet of the place."

A brief silence followed his words before a troubled sounding Trick replied, "That is a good point."

"What?" Kenzi exclaimed, this time drawing the room's attention to herself, "No. No. Wolf-man, your not crazy," she turned to look at him, "Scary to wake up, yes. Crazy, hell no."

Dyson held her gaze, torn between guilt and a flicker of greatfulness to the small human for her loyalty. The tuth of the matter, though, was how unaware she was of what he was capable off.

"I dreamed I killed you," he said, all emotion gone from his voice. He watched her eyes widen in shock at the statement, before her skin paled as she blanched.

"I woke," he paused, rephrasing the beginning, "In the dream I woke up and smelled blood in the air. When the lights came on you were lying in the bed, " he glanced over at the one she'd been occupying, "Torn to shreds. Then there were flashbacks When Lauren came in the next morning, I changed and killed her too. I hunted Trick down next and then B...Bo."

His voice wavered slightly as he said the succubus' name. Even with memory of ripping her throat out ratteling at the forefront of his mind, he wished she was here. If only so he could take comfort in just seeing her alive and breathing. No one had been able to reach her yet.

Looking up again, he saw Lauren staring at him failing to keep horror from invading her features. He could picture Trick sitting in his lair, eyes closed as he tried to process what he just heard. Kenzi just gazed at him, disgust and pity warring for control over her face. Finally, Trick spoke first.

"All this tells us, Dyson," he muttered, keeping rigid control over his tone. Of the three, he was most aware of just what the wolf was capable of, "Is that whosever doing this knows you. Or has been keeping excellent tabs on you."

"Yeah," Kenzi added meekly, surprising all of them again, "I mean, I know Trick doesn't have security tapes, but..."

"Who says I don't?" the bartender interrupted her indignantly, "Especially when I have little urchins stealing booze right off my shelves."

"Now you know full well..." Kenzi began to argue when Lauren cleared her throat.

"Can we get back on topic, people," she said, giving Dyson a sympathetic glance. She like the shifter about as much as he did her, but he was Fae and he was close to Bo. She couldn't bear to think of the pain it would cause the succubus if something happened to him, "Dyson, I still suggest you stay here till we figure out what's going on."

Dyson turned to her stiffly, clear resistance written on his face. Instead of argueing, however, he simply gave a short nod.

"And, given your...violent reaction to touch," she said, hating the words as they came out, "I'd suggest we put you in restraints."

Once again, Kenzi moved to protest but a hand from Dyson stopped her. His inner wolf raged at the thought of being tied down, making it difficult to think. Spotting Kenzi in his peripheral, however, he knew the doctor was right. He couldn't risk hurting anyone else.

"Fine," he managed to growl, clenching his hands into fists. Kenzi let out a groan, dropping her head into her free hand. Without being able to explain why, she knew there were so many things that could go wrong with this plan. In her experience, Murphy's Law had a soft spot for the Fae folk.

"And I'll keep looking into it," Trick interjected tiredly.

A.N.: Phew. So yeah, this chapter was kind of difficult to write. I just started season two so now I feel like a real shit for being so mean to everybody (especially Dyson). Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter and reviews are like candy!

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