Based on the TV Show "Tudors"

Summary: out in exile, Henry asks his uncle about his mother and Jasper thinks.

Pairings: slight Jasper/Margret, mother/son Henry/Margret.

"Tell me about My Lady Mother."

Jasper sat back in his chair by the fire and observed his young nephew. He was now sixteen years old and looked mostly like his mother. He had her fine eyes and colouring of both skin and hair though he definitely had the Tudor nose. It was difficult to look at him without thinking of what could have been if he had not been the second son.

This boy in front of him might have been his own son in everything and not just by thought.

He tried pulling himself away from thoughts of Margret and speaking to his nephew. He had not seen her for years and only had letters inquiring after her son's health and their plans. She was married again to another man and he's only comfort about that was the marriage was never to be consummated.

"Your Lady Mother is a very fine woman," Jasper started. "She is not beautiful as most men like to believe but she has a light within her that will draw their attention. She holds heavenly light within her because she has God speaking to her and only to her. That is why she is not with us because God told her she must do her work in England so she could make your path clear towards the throne. God desires you to be King over any of the Yorks."

Henry was frowning which he has started to do a lot recently whenever they spoke about his mother.

"Henry?" he said quietly. "Is there something upsetting you?"

"Do you think she loves me? My Lady Mother, do you think she wants me?" Henry asked. "Not just because God told her that I'll be King."

Jasper had to suppress the urge to sigh. It was a nobleman's duty to serve the King first, then to attend to their estates, and finally to visit their children. Many children must wonder daily whether or not their parents wanted them especially the daughters.

"Henry, for the first two years of your life your Lady Mother spent every day with you. When God willed her to marry Sir Henry Stafford she had wept because she wanted to stay with you and never marry again. But she did her duty, Henry, she obeyed God and though she is not with us she is always thinking of you. She is your leading light and she'll bring you home one day and make you the King you are meant to be. Just like Joan of Arc did for the French King."

"Do you think she'll like me?"

Jasper nodded. "You're your mother's son,"

Which was true even in his attitude and person was nothing like Edmund Tudor. Henry was quiet, studious and determined like his mother. He thought things through thoroughly and rarely allowed anyone see the true passion within him. He was Margret's son, every inch of him.

He just lacked her light. Her confidence that he is most loved by God. Her ability to remain serene and peaceful despite the war surrounding her.

But if he had her light then they would not need a leading light. Therefore it didn't matter if Henry lacked some of Margret's spiritual traits.

They spent the rest of the evening murmuring plans and plots and occasionally a story about Margret. If there was one person who loved Margret more than Jasper then it must be Henry. A son's love can be a powerful thing if they're willing to do anything to please their parent.

Margret will lead them to the throne in time. It may take years but she'll do it. Because she was special like that. She was bright and intelligent and filled with guidance from God.

She was their leading light.

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