Based on the TV Show "Tudors"

Summary: Henry Tudor thinks about his mother's plans for him to marry Elizabeth of York.

Pairings: sort of one-sided Henry/Elizabeth.

He stared at his mother's letter in disbelief.

"It's a good plan," his uncle said approvingly, "It would unite the two houses and end all the wars within England. You'll be martyred as the king who ended war."

He never imagined getting married. Sure he knew that he had to some day to have an heir to continue his family line. But he never imagine who his bride might be, what she might look like and how she might act. He never thought further ahead than arriving to his mother and announcing he was king.

And yet here was written prove that he will be married after he is king and evidence of a bride waiting for him.

He had to unite the Lancaster House, his own house, to the York House, his rival house the one that overthrown his cousin, the one that had separated him from his very own mother, the one that had caused his uncle to leave him many times before. And he was to marry the eldest daughter of its deceased family head.

Elizabeth of York.

A real princess in her very own right while there are those very willing to point out that all he is is an Earl and according to the House of York, he's not even that.

He had asked her older half-brother about her.

"She is very fair looking, a perfect image of our mother and her father, she is kind-hearted, very obedient but has an inner-strength that not many women have," he said, "She'll be a very good wife."

He had only seen the King Edward IV and his queen at a distance but he had heard many descriptions to be able to create an image of Elizabeth in his mind. Beautiful face, slim but curvy, long gold red hair, grey sharp eyes, he can like how she looks very much, but can he learn to love her?

She must hate him. It is bad enough that she is hiding in a church because of her very own mother's deeds, that her own flesh and blood has been killed in favour of her uncle to rule. It is bad enough to know that if her uncle was dethroned she will never get to rule, she might become his queen and be Queen of England, but she will never have the power.

But to unite both create peace...

It was so very tempting and he can try to give her peace and happiness in her own life.

So here he stands, a ring held up high as he makes a promise to God that he will marry Elizabeth of York.

He will unite the two houses and create peace.

He will obey his Lady Mother's orders because she is never wrong.

He can see where her plan is heading and he likes the idea of everlasting peace.

He will unite the two houses and marry Elizabeth of York.

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