Based on the TV Show "Tudors"

Summary: Henry VII is tempted by a new beauty at Court.

Pairings: one-sided Henry VII/Katherine of Aragon, implied Henry/Elizabeth

She was beautiful.

Stunningly so. She had deep auburn hair hidden beneath a Spanish style hood that showed her clear beautiful face to the world. Her skin was clear, pale, and smooth, not a wrinkle or blemish in sight. Her eyes were deep oceans filled with mischief, intelligence and ambition. Her overall manner was obedient and modest while she danced gracefully and obviously enjoyed the attention paid to her.

He wanted her.

He wanted her more than anything and that disgusted him. It was wrong and sinful, she was far too young, she was to marry his son, she was not his wife, and the list could go on why he should not want her. And yet he does, he desired her more and more each day. He was burning to catch a glimpse of her.

He has never been attracted to any other but Elizabeth. So this new burning desire for Catalina the infanta of Spain was surprising and new, and terrifying.

"Why?" Elizabeth asked quietly on those rare nights alone. "Why her? Why your own son's wife?"

He looked at his aged wife, his faded wife, his wife who only did her duty and no longer actually lived.

And suddenly he had his answer on why Catalina was so very tempting.

"She reminds me of you when you were young."

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