Based on the TV Show "Tudors"

Summary: Henry's thoughts on Katherine of Aragon

Pairings: Henry/Katherine, Henry/Others, Henry/Anne, Katherine/Arthur

When she arrived fresh from Spain he was made with desire for her.

She was beautiful, intelligent, witty, and worse Arthur's. He was only eleven but he wanted her to be his. With Arthur out of the way he had thought he would have gotten a chance to show her how superior he was compared to his older brother. She was of course the perfect candidate to be Queen of England.

No one thought so and he had been kept from her until his father finally died.

When they were finally reunited he was mad for her and did everyone to show his devotion to his new wife. He entered in tournaments in her honour, he showed every affection a husband should and could, he danced with her every night, and listened to her every word.

Then the Stafford girl came along and Katherine lost their child. He doubted Katherine a little but was eager for her forgiveness. She granted it and he went out to keep on proving his love and devotion to her.

A sting of different Mistresses entered his life but none of them could compare to the grace, beauty, and wit of Katherine of Aragon.

Each loss of a child and no appearance of a son began to take the shine of her. Her lustrous locks faded, her smooth skin wrinkled, her bright eyes lost a lot of life, and now her pride and gracefulness and intelligence were no longer attractive.

He was disinterested and went through the motions of being a good husband.

Then Anne Boleyn entered the scene and she was beautiful, witty, intelligent, passionate, and best of all she was no one's. She had qualities that Katherine had that made him fall in love with her but then she had other qualities that made her better than Katherine and he was mad with lust and passion for this young woman who unlike any other woman he knew.

He looked at Katherine who he loved with so much passion and devotion and he realised something.

His love had faded. She no longer interested him, she no longer held him, she no longer did anything but pray for a son that would never be granted because she had committed the worst crime in the world.

She had been Arthur's.

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