Based on the TV Show "Tudors"

Summary: Edward thinks about being king and how lost he has become.

Pairings: implied Henry/Katherine Parr/Jane Seymour, implied Tom Seymour/Katherine Parr, implied Tom Seymour/Elizabeth, implied Edward/Jane Grey

His clothes were too big and overwhelming, his crown keeps slipping, and he feels too small in his throne.

He is the boy king like Henry III, Edward III, Edward V, and Henry VI before him.

He thinks about his great big father who was huge in life with so much spirit, passion, and temper, and he knows he cannot compete with such a man. He is a little boy who still misses his governess. He had not seen Lady Bryan for years now and yet he thinks of her stern kindness and craves her small affectionate smile.

He is a little boy lost in a world of lords, councils, religious policy, and war.

The people he loves most is taken away from him.

His true mother died long before he was aware of life. His powerful father and protector is dead and will no longer protect him as he once did. His beloved step-mother whom he has not seen for many months is sad the scandal of his sister and uncle has caused her heartbreak and there is nothing he can do to change it. He loves his step-mother she has always been the closest thing he had to a mother. He loves her warm smiles and embraces and misses them more than anything. His fun uncle is stuck in a scandal and before then his other uncle would not let him near the amiable Tom Seymour. His eldest sister, Mary, has not spoken to him since their argument over religious policy he thinks of her soft embraces, soft stern words, and fierce love for him and he misses her even more despite her Catholic beliefs. His other sister, Elizabeth, is ill and slandered across the country. His beautiful fiery sister who believes he shall be a great king...oh how he is sure she is disappointed in him...

And then there is Jane.

Little Jane Grey.

He misses her too.

All his loved ones are gone. His Uncle Edward is cold and business-like, his aunt and cousins are strangers to him, and he has very few friends.

He has always been solemn and true to the Reformed cause but that does not mean he is emotionless.

He wishes for simple clothes, no crown, and a small stool to sit on. He wishes for his two sisters to sit either side of him as they debate religion and theology. Both of them are highly intelligent for women. He wishes for his father to laugh heartily at one of his step-mother's little jokes and he wishes that they were a simple knight family instead of royalty.

But they are not.

He is a king in a big empty room, with a crown that does not fit him, and clothes so rich and big that they overwhelm him.

He is king.

But not really.

He does not feel kingly.

He feels like a little boy.

A little lost boy in too big, too rich clothes, a crown that does not fit, sitting in a big throne in a big empty room.

Poor little lost boy.

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