Based on the TV Show "The Vampire Diaries"

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Lana POV

Work was going dreadfully slow as usual. It was nine pm and I was just one hour shy of being done, already amped up for a night out with my best friend Kelly. The diner I worked at was two blocks away from times square and in my opinion the worst location for any type of business, but somehow it got me along.

"Lana" my boss called from his office

I shook my head at the cook who was pointing and laughing at me. Our boss was an overweight old man that hated his job, so he took it upon himself to make us all miserable every chance he could get.

"Yes Mr. Jenkins" I asked poking my head around the corner

"I need you to stay until 11 tonight"he demanded

"I have plans tonight"I said timidly

"Your right"he said smiling "being here"

"Mr..." I was cut off by his door slamming in my face

I couldn't stand that man but I dealt with it reminding myself that karma will catch up with him

I took out my cell and called Kelly

"Hey ho"she said answering right away

"I am so pissed"I said

"Why what's up"she asked curious now

"I have to stay till 11 now"I wined

"What?"she yelled"do I have to come in there and kick his old ass"

"No"I said "not unless you want to be evicted"

"Well when are you going to be at the club"

"Probably not till 12 I have to go home and change still"

"This blows Lana"she complained

"Tell me about it"I said distracted by the door opening

In walked two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. The girl was my height perfect pale skin,and hair that was so blonde it was almost white. she was just as perfect as the guy standing next to her. He matched her height, he had brown wavy hair and emerald green eyes. He looked like he was carved out of stone.

"I gotta go I'll meet you there later" I said hanging up the phone quickly. I walked around the counter over to them.

"Hi two tonight" I asked with a warm smile

"Three actually"the girl said politely

"Sure follow me please"I said grabbing menus and leading them to a booth along the wall.

"Ok Anna will be right with you"I said smiling again

"Thank you" the man said smiling back

I went to turn away quickly to hide my flushed cheeks and slammed right into someone. The impact almost knocked me off my feet.

"I'm sorry" I said looking up

This had to have been their guest, he was just as, if not more perfect than they were. He was painfully beautiful with dark straight hair and ice blue eyes. Everything about him was almost unreal. He just stared at me, looking as astonished as I was.

"It's....ok" he said still staring

I had to pull my glare from his face after a few seconds so I could walk away. Anna looked as dumbfounded as I did as she walked up to the table to serve them. I couldn't help but glance from the corner of my eye, to see him looking right back. Then I would see the two others exchanging worried glances.

They ended up sitting in that booth for the rest of my shift. When it came time for me to leave I said my goodbyes and left out the front door. I started walking quickly, regretting turning down a ride from one of the cooks. Normally it didn't bother me walking home alone but it was usually not this late.

I was half a block away from my apartment building when I heard noises behind me. I looked back each time to see nothing. By the time I reached the front door I was so shaken I dropped my keys twice trying to get in. Finally I pushed the door open and ran into my apartment locking the door behind me. I felt relieved in the comfort of my own home and quickly showered and got changed. I picked my favorite black mini dress and black peep toe heels. I threw on my white gold bangles and walked over to my mirror to do my make up, tho I really didn't need it. Kelly always tells me I'm naturally beautiful and I don't need all these products. I had a perfect olive skintone, full lips and bright hazel eyes. I did light make up and called for a cab. I walked out front to wait for the cab, when Kelly called.

"Where are you" she asked sounding impatient

"Waiting for the cab"I told her noticing a fog start to creep down the street toward me

"Ok well you need to get here skyz is amazing tonight"

"Yea I'm working on it" I said stick watching the fog

"Ok I'll see you when you get here, marks friend isn't cute at all so we told him you have a boyfriend"

"Ooh great" I exclaimed "another successful blind date huh kel"

"Just get here"she said hanging up the phone

It seemed like hours passed when only minutes had, and the almost Hitchcock style fog was now circled around me. It was almost as if it were surrounding me, whisping up in my face and through my hair. I got very uncomfortable and even thought I felt fingers go through my couldn't have been that would be impossible. Finally I seen the cab approaching I jumped in and slammed the door taking one last glance in the direction of where I just was. As we were driving away I saw a silhouette of a man leaned against my building in the shadows.

I was pretty freaked out still when I got to the club, I ran right to Kelly and told her about my night including the three people in the diner and the weird fog. She was interested in the people and even more interested in making fun of me for what she called my creative imagination.

I blew it off as she suggested and started my night with a stiff drink. Kelly wasn't lying about marks friend. He was certainly not much to look at and lack greatly in the personality department. so needless to say I wanted to run all the way back to my apartment.

After countless minutes of his cheesy pick up lines I excused myself to go to the bar for a drink. As I stood there waiting I swore I felt fingers in my hair again, I brushed it off chalking it up to me being tired. I got my drink, paid and quickly turned slamming into someone, spilling my drink all over them.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry" I said frantically, looking up at my victim.

I panicked when my eyes met the same captivating ice blue eyes.

"You know" he said in a very matter of fact tone "I'm starting to think you have it out for me"

I laughed softly agreeing with him

"I'm really sorry I'll pay for your dry cleaning" I said noticing that he was wearing prada

"Not necessary"he said "let me buy you a new drink and we'll call it even"

"I don't know I think your cheating yourself here"I said with a smile

He looked at me seriously for a moment

"I'm not so sure of that" he replied

I had to take a second to believe the situation, and a part of me wished Kelly was here to push me.

"What am I wearing by the way"he asked with a smile looking down at his ruined black shirt.

"A dirty martini" I said blushing at my own embarrassment

He ordered my drink and before I even had a second to turn the other guy from the diner was standing behind me.

"Hello again" he said politely"Damon may I have a word please"

"Your normally have more than a word brother" Damon replied

The man just stared at him

"I don't want to be rude to.." Damon said looking at me quickly "I never did get your name"

"Lana" I said quickly

They both looked at me with different emotion. Damon with what I thought was desire. And stefen what I knew was worry.

"I don't mind" I said

"Nice to meet you again Lana, im stefen"he said

"Yea you too"I said as he walked away

"I'll be back in a minute" Damon said with a smile

As soon as he walked away after his brother I quickly made my way back to Kelly.

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