Based on the TV Show "Pretender"

Warning: Grab the tissues!


Miss Parker and Sydney quietly entered the room.

'She looks so tiny,' Miss Parker thought to herself.

There were tubes and wires all over her, monitoring her.

The two adults went over to the young girl's side. They sat down and just watched her.

"How are we going to tell her?" Sydney looked up at Miss Parker. "How are we going to tell her that Broots is dead?"

Sydney gave her a sad, sympathetic smile. "We will just tell her what happened."

Miss Parker gently took Debbie's small hand in her own, not saying a word.

~*~ An hour later ~*~

Debbie's eyes fluttered open. She felt strange, she couldn't tell how, but something . She felt someone holding her hand and looked over. Miss Parker sat in a chair by her bed with her eyes closed. Debbie then looked to the other side and saw Sydney dozing in the other chair. She didn't want to wake them, but she was confused and wanted some answers.

"Miss Parker?" Her voice was raspy and so soft that Debbie thought that no one might have been able to hear. But Miss Parker's eyes opened immediately and Sydney was instantly awake.

"Debbie, good you're awake."

"Miss Parker, Sydney, what's going on? Where am I? Where's my dad?"

Miss Parker and Sydney exchanged a sad, nervous glance. Sydney sat forward. "Debbie, there was an accident. Do you remember?"

Debbie started at the word "accident" then things started to come back. Her father driving her to school on his way to work. Being boxed in. Her father losing control. Then everything went black.

"Where's my dad?" Her voice was becoming panicked.

"Debbie, please stay calm or else a nurse or doctor will come in and give you an anesthetic and we won't be able to tell you!" Miss Parker's face was pained. Debbie looked at her, frightened.

"Debbie, the doctors did everything that they could." Sydney began. Debbie was shaking her head, tears forming in her eyes.

Miss Parker continued for Sydney. "He died just three hours ago. I am sorry Debbie." Debbie was sobbing. Miss Parker wrapped her arms around the girl, careful not to disturb her back.

"Why? Why?" Debbie sobbed.

Miss Parker shook her head, tears flowing down her own cheeks. "I don't know."

"Sometimes things happen that we can't and don't understand." Sydney gently placed a hand on Debbie's head. They all just stayed like that for a while.

Then Miss Parker pulled away. Debbie tried to sit up. "Don't!" Miss Parker cried, placing a firm hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Why?" Confusion was clear on her face.

Miss Parker looked over at Sydney then looked back at Debbie. "In the accident your back was injured. There is too much swelling to tell anything just yet, but the doctors are afraid that you may you might."

"You might be paralyzed, Debbie," Sydney finally said sadly.

Debbie's face became angry and frustrated on top of sad. "Well that just sucks, doesn't it?" Her voice was bitter.

Miss Parker and Sydney looked at her compassionately. "I am so sorry that this all had to happen to you." Miss Parker's voice was soft.

"Is it just me or does this day look like it is the worst in my life?" Debbie asked sarcastically.

"Debbie." Sydney began. "Is someone out to get me? Huh? Is someone trying to destroy my life? Because they are doing a damn good job!" Debbie vented. She looked skyward. "Why don't you just finish the job? Huh? Why? Why? Why?" She dissolved into sobs.

Miss Parker wrapped her arms around her again. Allowing her to cling to her. "Daddy! Daddy, why? Daddy!"


(Wipes eyes.) I'm ok! I'm ok! Man am I glad that that scene is over with. That is one of the toughest scenes in the story that I am going to have to write. Hope everyone liked - well as much as you can like a sad part.

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