Based on the TV Show "Pretender"

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Miss Parker, Sydney and Debbie went over to Miss Parker's computer.

Miss Parker booted it up and put the disk in, but when she went to play the DSA there were security locks on it.

"Damn!" She scowled at the screen.

"Can I try?" Debbie rolled forward.

Miss Parker nodded and moved aside.

Debbie started typing furiously; seconds later the locks were lifted.

Miss Parker looked at her in surprise.

Debbie shrugged. "I said that I was almost as good as my dad."

Miss Parker shook her head in amazement then started up the DSA.

Mr. Parker and Raines appeared on the screen.

"Does Brigitte know?" the goul rasped.

"No, nor will she," Mr. Parker snapped. "It is best that she thinks that the child is hers and mine."

Raines drew in a breath of oxygen greedily. "If Miss Parker finds out she will not be pleased."

Mr. Parker leaned forward, placing his hands on his desk. "Well then we will just have to make sure she never knows! How is the embryo taking?"

"Everything is going as it should."

"Good. I don't want any mistakes. And I especially don't want Jarod finding out! He will sweep down and try to take the child!"

"We will keep it on a need to know basis," the goul assured him.

Mr. Parker nodded. "Project Air has to go off with out a hitch!"

The screen went blank, but Miss Parker, Sydney and Debbie continued to stare at the screen long afterward.

Debbie was the one who broke the silence. "So what does this exactly mean?"

Miss Parker stood up and walked over to the fireplace, unable to speak.

"It means," Sydney began, "that T.K.'s parent's identities are in question." He watched Miss Parker.

"We have to call Jarod." Miss Parker's voice was choaked. She cleared her throat. "We have to find out who his parents are."

~*~ Later ~*~

Sydney walked into the living room. Miss Parker was curled up on the couch, gazing at the picture of her and T.K.

"Are you alright Parker?"

Miss Parker swiped at some tears that had begun to fall. "No, Sydney, I'm not."

Sydney walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. "This must be very hard for you - "

"Hard?" Miss Parker snapped. "Sydney, hard doesn't even begin to cover what this is! God help me, but I love that little boy like he was my own! And the thought of possibly having to give him up - "

Miss Parker's voice cracked and she began to sob, unable to hold it back. She covered her face with her hands.

Sydney gently took her in his arms and comforted her.

"What will happen will happen, Miss Parker. And you can't really do anything to stop it. What you can do right now is spend time with T.K. and love him. And who knows, you might not have to give him up."

He held her until the tears subsided and she pulled away. "Thank you Sydney." She laughed bitterly. "I'm sorry I have been such a mess the past week."

"It's alright, Miss Parker. Right now we should be thinking of how we can get in touch with Jarod."

Someone discretely cleared their throat; Miss Parker and Sydney looked up.

Debbie sat in the doorway.

She bit her lip a little hesitently.

"I think I can help you there."


who should I make T.K.'s parents? Hmm.::Grins evilly.:: Well, you will just have to wait!

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