Based on the TV Show "Grey's Anatomy"

This is a joint story By Saucy-Duck and Ready Anf

I don’t own Greys, and if I did things would be somewhat different lol.

This is going to be Mer/Mark other pairings are up for you the readers to decide in your nice little reviews. This is going to be AU so if you don’t like that this probably isn’t the story for you.

She officially hated this. It was the dullest thing that she had ever endured in her life ever. Honestly, medical conferences were never her thing. Nor did she ever want to do something remotely related to the medical profession but there she was anyway... a private upper-eastside high school student sitting in her mother's lecture about some invert abdominal something or other and the young slightly attractive medical student sitting next to her was a little to eager for her tastes.

Meredith grey made mocking mouth movements to her mother's words, "and as simple as that, you stitch up the patient." scoffing slightly at her mother's extremely chipper tone, Meredith focused back on the laptop screen; she was losing at solitaire... freaking perfect. Running her hand through her pink hair, she stole a glance at the red-head excitedly next to her. The red-head rubbed her eye achingly and mumbled, "i can't wait to get laser." Meredith rolled her eyes and used the tip of her shoe to push at her neighbor’s briefcase. Poking at a paper idly sitting on the side, Meredith jolted back into reality when the red-head spoke, "and what if the woman is pregnant?”

Looking up at her mother and the red-head, Meredith tried to comprehend their words but they slipped through one ear and out the other. Ellis grey stood at the podium, a sly smile on her face, "what is your name doctor?" the red-head meekly spoke, clearing her throat, "Addison Montgomery."

Hearing this Ellis went back to answering various young doctors’ questions. Meredith couldn’t help but role her eyes as she turned back to her solitaire game. The young redheaded doctor happened to glance over at Meredith’s computer screen, “move the 8 of diamonds over to the nine of spades”. She said slightly smiling while going back to typing her own notes. Meredith stopped to consider the woman’s advice, realizing that once she made that move the game would be easy as pie.

As the cards started to do their victory dance across her screen she noticed that the lecture had ended and that people were starting to gather their belongings and make their way to pick her mothers brains some more. ‘Doctors, weird people who only ever want to kiss other peoples ass’s!’ she thought as she shut off her computer. There was already an unbearable mob around her mother, which she not so pleasantly noted blocked the only way out of the lecture hall of hell. Resigned to her fait she set her bag back at the desk she had occupied and started twiddling her thumbs.

“Is this seat taken,” someone asked apparently not really looking for an answer because he was already seated giving her what she assumed was his patented smirk. “I’m Mark Sloan if you were wondering.”

“I wasn’t, but good to know,” Meredith replied still not taking her eyes off where the redheaded girl who was talking to her mother.

“What no name?” Still not receiving a reply he continued on. “If you don’t tell me your name I’ll be forced to come up with one for you…. Hmm…. How about Bambi… No, no to sweet and innocent… hmm… I got it how about pinky.” He said with a smile that even Meredith who had been trying her best to ignore the handsome stranger noticed.

“Who are you?” Meredith asked finally turning towards the man, giving him her full attention.

“I told you pinky! Mark, Mark Sloan.”

“What do you think you’re James Bond? Saying your name like that.” She rolled her eyes.

“Well you have to admit that I would make a damn sexy James Bond!” He proclaimed, earning a rare smile from Meredith.

Meredith couldn’t help but agree he would make a very good James Bond. His white lab coat and blue button down shirt didn’t do anything to hide the muscles that he put so much time into. Plus that damn smile. In a desperate attempt to distract her mind from focusing on Marks more handsome qualities, “So why aren’t you over their drooling over Ellis Grey?” She asked while nodding towards the throng of people still blocking her only exit.

“One, Mark Sloan does not drool over people. Two, There are way to many people over their… and I get somewhat claustrophobic.” He replied sheepishly.

Meredith was surprised by his honesty, what kind of surgeon actually admits to a fault? Yep, she was starting to like this Mark Sloan; he was different than all of the other doctors she came across while with her mother.

The easy conversation between the two continued until Meredith was brought back to reality by none other than her mothers somewhat disapproving voice. “Meredith I have bad news, we won’t be able to go see that play you had been talking about. Instead- Don’t you give me that look, it’s an off Broadway play we’re not missing anything.” She interrupted as Meredith began to open her mouth in protest. “Instead I have asked Addison to accompany us to diner tonight. What do you say dear?” She asked addressing the last bit towards Addison.

“It would be an honor Dr. Grey,” Addison started somewhat breathlessly, earning a not so subtle eye role from Meredith, “but I had already made plans to have diner with my fiancé and our good friend Mark,” at the last bit she motioned towards the bored looking doctor who was silently playing with a laser pointer he had found in Meredith’s bag.

After the third time of catching Mark directing the laser pointer at her chest, “Stop that, give it back before my mother takes it away,” Meredith said while trying to grab the device away from him and failing miserably.

“Ooohhh is someone afraid of their mommy?” he asked teasingly while holding the pointer above her reach.

“This is not funny!” She quietly screamed making sure not to attract the two women’s attention, while again jumping for the laser pointer, and again failing. She jumped again and this time was able to grab it from his hand. She couldn’t help the smile of triumph that had formed on her face as she placed the laser pointer back into her open bag, straightened her cloths and turned her attention back to her mother and Dr. Montgomery.

“Well then it’s settled, you your Fiancé and Dr. Sloan will accompany myself and Meredith to diner tonight. Meet us at eight in the hotel restaurant.” With that Ellis walked off towards the exit only looking back once to make sure her daughter was following.

Taking her mothers exit has her queue; Meredith again packed up her bag not noticing that a laser pointer was missing from its contents. “Well, I guess I’ll see you all at diner tonight,” She said before starting to walk away.

She only turned around with a smile when she heard a very loud “See ya later Pinky,” which earned odd stares from most of the remaining people in the room.

With a laugh she turned back towards the door, only pausing to shout back “see ya later Bond.” With that she exited the lecture hall stopping only to wait for the elevator to take her to the room she was sharing with her mother.

Ok that was the first chapter, please tell us what you think. Seriously if you have ideas put them into the reviews because we’ll listen.

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