Based on the TV Show "CSI"

Nick set his case down. Opening it, he pulled out the camera. For a second his stomach churned as a wave of nausea and panic rose. Closing his eyes he fought to force down the memories. Taking a deep breath he stifled the burning in his throat.

Concentrating completely on the evidence he began taking pictures. The room itself definitely belonged to a teenager. The desk and chairs held magazines, makeup, and a pair of well laid clothes. The bed was messed up, as thouth whoever slept in it had forgotten to make it. The only hint that something was not right were five brown drops next to the window.

Nick took a few swavs of the drops. Looking up he saw fine dirt sprinkled on the window sill. Taking samples of that, he also picked up loose fibers caught at the edge. Suddenly the door opened.

Nick tensed in suprise and turned to face an incoming attacker. Sara stood in the doorway, a look of worry crossing her face.

" You okay in here?" she asked.

" Y-yeah," Nick replied, embarassed he had been spooked.

Turning to hide from Sara's gaze he added, " Your getting pretty good at that sneaking thing. Have you been taking lessons from Grissom?"

Sara looked at him seriously. Nick turned and smiled at her. When her expression didn't change his smile fell and he went back to work. Sara approached him softly and kneeled down next to him.

" Need any help?" she asked.

" I haven't checked the bed yet."

" Okay then," Sara replied.

Standing up she started taking pictures. For a few minutes only the camera mad a sound. Then Sara paused. At first Nick thought she had found something.

However, Sara said, " You don't have to prove anything."

Nick stopped.

" What do you mean?"

" You don't have anything to prove to us," Sara replied.

Nick felt as she kneeled next to him again. He refused to look up at her.

" We know your strong, Nick," she said, " Me, Grissom, Brass, Warrick, Catherine. You know we're all behind you."

" You forgot Greg.

" Him, too," Sara replied, her voice seemed choked up, weak, " Geez, Nick. We're worried about you. We don't want you to push yourself where you can't go."

Nick turned and glared at her. He could tell by how weak her voice was that it had taken a lot for her to say it without breaking down. He didn't care though.

" I'm only going to say this once,' he said, " I am fine! I can handle it," he stood up, " And I have a job to do."

With that he walked over to the bed. Sara stared at the spot he used to be in. Setting her jaw, she stood up to join him.

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