Based on the TV Show "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"

A.N. Ah, after much waiting I finally had time to get this chapter in. I'm glad you guys liked the last chapter and I hope this one is just as well recieved.

Eve could barely hold in her impatience as the last class of the daydragged on. Normally, she would be enthralled by a discussion of most literature, but this was not one of those times. She was anxious to find out what Marshall wanted to tell her and even refusing to admit that she was starting to develop a crush on Marshall not Z (despite her brother's stated opinion) . Of the entire science club, he was the one she hung out with the most. Their similar likes and dislikes allowed them to click. Plus the fact that Marshall seemed relaxed around her despite the other's (less for Z and Corrine) unease.

Finally, though, the sound of freedom finally rang, welcoming the weekend. Eve rushed out the door, having closed and gathered everything, not stopping to even chat with her english class group. Racing up the stairs she pushed open the door of her room, leaped over a few discarded clothes, and threw her books onto the bed. She contemplated for a second changing into something nicer then a uniform, but thought better of it. Instead she pulled the blouse out of it's tucked position and pulled out her ponytail holder. Checking the mirror she reassured herself, Casual is best.

Satisfied with her appearance she headed out the door and straight into a large body.

"Oof," she muttered as she collided. Pulling back immediately she looked to see who she had run into. It was the man who she and Adam had seen talking with Durst their first day.

"Sorry..." she said, slightly embarrased andtrying to remember his name, "Mr. Pearson, isn't it?"

"Yes," the man replied in an annoyed tone, but his expression softened slightly, "Ms. Rens, nice to see you again."

Eve couldn't help but give him a weird look.

"Uh, yeah, you too," she said, trying to be polite.

Thankfully, before Pearson said anything else, they were interrupted.

"Eve," Corrine called down from the hallway. She walked over to Eve, followed closely by Vaughn.

"Marshall said you were going to meet us downstairs," Corrine said when she reached Eve and Pearson.

"I know, I kinda got...caught up," Eve replied, indicating in Pearson's direction.

"Hey, Dad," Vaughn said, "I didn't know you were here."

"Yes, I was going to visit you but then saw you weren't in your room. I assumed you had gone to practice," looking at Corrine, "Clearly I was mistaken."

Corrine looked right back at him, seemingly unafraid.

"Yeah, about that," Vaughn said, "I forgot to tell you..Coach gave usa couple days off."

"I see," Pearson said, "Very well. Perhaps we can have dinner some time. You could even invite a few of your friends," he looked back at Eve, "Goodbye."

Not even bothering to acknowlege Vaughn's own "Bye" Pearson walked down the hallway and disappeared down the steps.

Corrine looked back at Eve and said, "What was that all about?"

"Really?" Vaughn said, matching her gaze.

"Don't look at me," Eve replied,"I was just coming out of my room when I accidently ran into him. I didn't know he was your dad."

Vaughn shrugged.

"We better get going," Corrine said, "Eve, you probably don't want to miss this."

Whew. Okay, I know I probably should include Adam right now, but don't worry he'll get his shining moment in the next chapter. Hope you guys like it and please review!

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