Based on the TV Show "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"

A.N.(Dodges IFO (Identifyable Flying Objects)) I'm so sorry for not updating! My parent's grounded me from computer and so I'm finally able to update. Please don't hate me. Hope you enjoy the next chapter.

Adam woke up with a searing headache. Hovering just above him was the music teacher, Ms. Rynes.

"Adam, are you alright?" she asked withclear concern.

Adam nodded, standing up stiffly in response. Oddly, he didn't feel any aches other then a soar throat.

"I'm fine," he managed to mutter. He tried to stand up.

"Adam, what happened?" Ms. Rynes demanded, reaching out to help steady him.

Adam tried to recall why he was on the floor. He remembered playing the piano, but everything afterwards was blanked out. He had a small impression, like one would have from a dream, of lightning. Lightning that was colored purple.

"Adam?" Ms. Rynes' face was drawn pale. Adam was positive she was going to send him to the nurse, which he definitely didn't want to do. He felt fine. Better then fine.

"I, uh, I..." Adam was ashamed that he couldn't come up with a good excuse.

"I didn't get much sleep last night," he lied, "And I just kinda fell asleep."

Ms. Rynes didn't say anything, but the look on her face clearly stated she knew she was lying.

"Adam," she said after a moment,"Come with me. We're going to the nurse. And not one arguement," she added sternly asAdam opened his mouth. Adam closed it immediately andfound himself walking beside Ms. Rynes.

"Okay, what is the big deal?" Eve exclaimed exasperantly. Corrine and Vaughn had led her down to Professor Z's office. In front of the door stood Josie, Lucas, and Marshall, who gave Eve a quick wave. Eve smiled back, but cut the look short seeing the seriousness on everyone else's face.

Josie seemed to step forward slightly, as though she were speaking for the group as a whole. Clearing her throat she started, "Eve, the other science club members and I have been considering doing this for a while."

"Doing what?" Eve asked, crossing her arms in the defiant way she had learned from her brother.

"We want you to know what we know," Corrine said, taking the lead.

"And that is?"

Suddenly, Professor Z popped his head out of the office.

"Does she know?" he asked, looking over at Eve. Eve felt a prickle go down her spine.

"Not yet," Vaughn replied.

Professor Z looked down at his watch and then back behind him. Eve thought she could make out a few flashes of light behind him.

"We'll just have to tell her in here," he said.

"Tell me what?" Eve demanded. In answer, Marshall grabbed her hand. Eve blushed slightly from the action, earning a perturbed look from Corrine.

Marshall led Eve into the office. As the rest of the science club filed in, Z checked to see if the coast was clear, but Eve didn't even notice that. Instead she was staring at the expanse of warped and bending tile before her. The wave like motion was releasing a redish flash of light that was frightning and comforting at the same time. Marshall felt Eve's hand slip from his in shock.

"Wha-what is that?" She gasped in a breathless voice.

"That would be the wormhole," Josie said, matter-of-factly, taking a place beside Eve.

Eve looked at her in disbelief.

"A wormhole," she repeated, hoping she'd heard Josie incorrectly.

"You know," Marshall said, "A hyperdimensional Einstonian bridge...a..."

"I think she knows what a wormhole is, Marshall," Corrine said.

She looked back at Eve. For a minute no one did anything. Then, suddenly, Eve began to laugh.

"Nice joke, guys," she said, " The effects are brilliant," she grew more serious, "Though, I thought you guys would be a little more...mature than this."

Daringly, she took a step towards the wormhole.

"NO!" everyone called. Z and Marshall made a grab for Eve and managed to pull her back, but not before the gravity of the wormhole sucked in her untied shoe. Seemingly satisfied, the floor to Professor Z's office returned to normal.

Eve gasped. She remained supported by Z and Marshall, her legs pulled out from under her when they dragged her back, staring at the floor.

"The- the" she stuttered, looking at Z and Marshall.

"Eve, are you alright?" Z asked, watching her carefully.

Eve struggled to stand up. Once she was on her feet she turned to face the science club. A million questions ran through her head.

"How?" was the first one that broke through.

"Well, it's kinda complicated," Josie said.

"We will explain it to you though, later," Corrine added.

"Fine, then tell me why your keeping this a secret?"

The group shared a look.

"That's kinda complicated, too," Josie replied.

Eve looked at them incredulously.

"Then can you tell me anything!" she practically shrieked.

"Eve," Z's voice changed from the teacher to that of a concerned friend. He slowly approached her, as though trying to guide her somewhere else, "I'm sure this is all very sudden and you need time to process it. We promise we'll explain everything to you as soon as we..."

"Why can't you tell me now?" Eve said, backing away from him. A flash of annoyance in her eyes.

"Because Josie was telling the truth," Z replied, "We still don't understand everything and it wouldn't be fair to spring a years worth of events on you in one sitting."

"Years!" Eve replied, "This thing has been around for years?"

"Actually only about one year as far as we know," Marshall said, earning a glare from the others, "But it connects to different points in..."

Eve had visibly paled.

"Time travel? You can initiate time travel!" she exclaimed.

"Nice going, Marshall," Josie and Lucas said at the same time.

"What!" Marshall protested. Suddently they all heard a thump. Looking back, they saw that Eve had fainted.

As everyone crowded around her Vaughn remarked to Z, "I think she took it rather well."

Nurse Cain stuck the popsicle stick into Adam's mouth.

"Say AHH," she ordered in her no-nonsense kind of way.

"Ahhh!" Adam obeyed, annoyed.

"Hmm," Nurse Cain, walked over to the cabinet.

"Listen, I'm fine!" Adam protested, "I just fell asleep, that's all!"

Nurse Cain sent him a suspicious glare.

"It's not normal for a student to just pass out," she said, "And you are hardly qualified to judge health."

Adam made a childish mock of her comment as she turned her head. Irritated and bored as she made noises from ruffling in the cabinet, Adam hummed a few bars of popular song. Immediately a change came on the room. Nurse Cain sighed audibly and turned to look at Adam with a vaguely creepy smile.

"I don't know what your still doing in here," she said, "Your as fit as a fiddle."

"Huh?" Adam said, caught off guard by the statement.

"Your free to go, Adam," Nurse Cain replied.

"Thank you!" Adam replied exasperantly. He grabbed his backpack and ran out of the room as fast as he could.

"Enjoy your day," Nurse Cain called after him.

Whew, so much for one chapter. Hope you like it. Reviews appreciated.

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