Based on the TV Show "Providence"

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This is chaper two: Homecoming and meetings


Sid drove up the driveway, stopping in front of the garage door. She was over Owen, and had divorced him. She couldn't deal with someone who left her like that! She went up and rang the bell, arranging her new cloak about her, and touching the brooch. It seemed to warm at her fingertips.

"Sid?! Sid!!" Joanie cried.

"Sid?!" her father called, incredulously, as she walked in. "Here! Let me take your...cloak..." He held out his hand as she handed the mysterious garment to him. Robbie skidded to a halt before her, throwing his arms about her.

"Sid! You're back! Why did you wait for over two years?"

"Owen and I are divorced. I'm just plain Sid Hansen, now. A woman came to me not long before I divorced him, and I decided to come back home. She was a spirit, I think. She gave me the cloak and brooch, then faded away. Literally."

"Oh. Well, youre home now. Do you want anything? Tea, water, juice, milk?" her father asked. Fearless barked, and ran up to her.

"Fearless! How's he been, Dad?"

"Same as ever. Say, Sid, do you mind looking at some new pups we have? The mother died in birth, and the owner wants notthing to do with them.

"Sure. What breed are they?"

"Retrievers. By the way, that pin is really beautiful."

"The strange woman gave it to me, allong with the cloak."

"Hmm. Well, come down to the lab when you feel ready to."

"Sure thing, Dad."

"Dr. Hansen?" a voice asked. A man walked up with minimal facial scarring, and a deep rich voice. Suddenly the woman and the girl's identity's clicked, as she smiled at Grahm. She hastily pockeded the brooch, and returned the embrace he offered.

"It's good to see you, Grahm..." she started hesatantly. Robbie, Joanie, and their father left quickly, seeing that this was going to be a private moment.

"It's good to see you too, Dr. Hansen."

"Please. It's Sid."

"Sid..." His voice trailed off, and he led her into the kitchen, effectively destroying what could have passed for a potentially romantic moment.

Suddenly, he stopped. "Sid, I... Well, it's been a long while since... the ... accadent. I've decided to move on, but... well, it's like this, I... Sid, what I mean to say is that...I've grown...fond... of you. It's more than friendship... I... Sid?"

"Don't worry, Grahm. I'm rather confused myself. I... I don't know what I feel... I..."

"Here. I want you to have this. I gave one each to my wife and daughter, before..."

He pressed a brooch into her hand.


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