Based on the TV Show "Gilmore Girls"


They’d been unable to resist the tartan skirts, even though their price had put a larger-than-budgeted-for dent in their finances.  At the Loch Ness Tourist Center they’d also purchased a small stuffed “Nessie” for Sookie’s baby.  It was bright green and played ‘Scotland the Brave’ when you pressed it’s stomach.  Lorelai, chuckling evilly, figured it was the perfect gift for an aunt to give a niece or nephew, because it was guaranteed to drive the new parents completely bonkers.

At Edinburgh Castle Lorelai bought a pocket-sized cookbook with recipes for things like low-fat shortbread and pumpkin scones.  She figured Luke would probably get the joke without needing it explained. 

The entire thing was covered in plaid.

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