Based on the TV Show "Gilmore Girls"

To: Luke Danes

Greetings from Germany! Rory and I are sitting in a tiny Café this morning, eating a roll and drinking coffee (the coffee here’ll put a curl in your hair, that’s for sure). We’re still having a great time, and we’re thinking about all of you back home. I realized I’d never really thanked you properly for my birthday present. You’ve done so much, and I just hope you realize how much we both appreciate it. I hope you’re getting a fabulous tan, because you, of all people, deserve it.

Danke shöne, meinen leiben freund.


-- --

To: Lorelai and Rory Gilmore

I know you won’t even see this for another three weeks, but I figured you’d never forgive me if I didn’t send you this. I guess there are some sort of celebrities on board – no doubt spending their money in reckless abandon down in the casino at the craps table, instead of saving it for the day their looks fade and they can’t get another job. I think one of them is from that movie you like – Andrew Marvin Hill, or something? And no, I’m not taking his picture for you. He’s...creepy.

Be safe,


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