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Last I heard Nate Archibald seemed pretty content with his new girlfriend. But my sources tell me he has been sitting in a bar in Brooklyn for 10 hours looking anything but happy. Well the first question that comes to mind is what - if anything - happened with our ex King and Little J? I have my suspicions and they all involve the one and only Lonely Boy's BFF.

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xoxo Gossip Girl.

Serena Van der Woodsen sighed deeply after having read the Gossip Girl page. She was on her way to pick up Nate. She couldn't understand why he was acting this way, whatever the reason, it definitely had her worried. Getting out of her town car she headed into the Brooklyn bar, easily spotting Nate sitting on a table towards the back. On her way towards him, she asked the barman how much he'd had to drink, which garnered a laugh from the middle-aged man.

"He underage hun, He hasn't drunk a single drop." The blonde frowned and raised an eyebrow in question.

"He didn't come here to drink, he's just sat here. I felt bad for the poor guy and didn't kick him out," the barman explained.

If anything Serena felt even more confused as she slowly walked towards Nate. He didn't seem to notice her until she was sitting down opposite him.

"Serena," he nodded acknowledging her and then went right back to staring intently at the table.

"What's up Nate?" she asked, concerned for her friend. He seemed not to have heard her so she repeated the question patiently. He sighed and looked at her with what could only be described as a tortured expression and whispered, "She's gone, I've lost her."

"You're a mess Nate, come on lets get you home," she said pulling him by his arm out of the chair and towards the door. He didn't try to protest or pull away and just let himself be dragged into her car.

Ruby Abrams stared hard at Vanessa's closed bedroom door. Her younger sister had been holed up in there for about 48 hours, and being the reasonable older sister she was, she had given her space. She thought back to two days previously when Vanessa had come into their apartment, looking upset and haggard. The younger Abrams had mumbled something to her about wanting to be alone and proceeded to her bedroom.

Ruby was seriously worried; V was the rock of the family. She had always been able to cope, what had happened? What had changed? She had a hunch but she needed to know exactly what was going on here before she drove herself mad. She had no problem admitting that she was overly dramatic and speculating about her sisters problems weren't exactly her forte. She took a deep breath, got up from the couch and walked over to her little sister's bedroom door which she opened, knocking on the door being the farthest thing from her mind. Old habits died hard.

Ruby gawked at the sight of Vanessa who was in bed reading a book. The younger woman hadn't undressed or even changed out of her pajamas and it was 6pm.

"Seriously V, there is such a thing as a shower you know," Ruby joked trying to lighten the mood. Vanessa seemed unimpressed as she made no move to even look up.

"Look V, you said you wanted space and I gave it to you. But I've had enough of the silence! You've got to tell me what's going on. It's been two days and you've said nothing. I want to help you but you've gotta let me." Ruby said, raising her voice and releasing her pent up frustration and worry.

Vanessa detected the seriousness in her sister's words and realized ignoring her wouldn't be wise. "Rubes, I've just had a rough couple days, I'm fine now. It's not a big deal." Vanessa said, her voice filled with fake reassurance.

"You're full of shit, you know that V?" Ruby accused, not buying it. "I'm positive whatever is going on has something to do with 'Pretty Boy' and I swear if you do not tell me everything I will find him and make him talk."

Ruby looked towards her younger sister trying to gauge her reaction. She smiled when Vanessa let out a sigh of defeat and began to tell her the whole story of her relationship with Nathanial Archibald.

"...And the stupidest thing of all was that I'd let myself believe him Rubes, he'd come to the cafe apologetic and I was immediately taken in with all that shit about him missing me. After he'd gone I'd let a part of me hope that things would work out between us and that's why it hurt so bad to see that picture of him and Jenny."

Ruby sat at the edge of Vanessa's bed reeling from all she'd heard. She had had no idea that Vanessa and Pretty Boy hadn't been together for over a week now. She remembered now that she didn't know about it because she'd been in New Jersey with the band up until 3 days ago. She felt guilt consume her because she hadn't been there for her baby sister when she had really needed her. But she was here now and she would help Vanessa get over the young Archibald, who Ruby had always thought was nowhere near good enough for her.

Ruby considered telling V that Nate was an ass and how she deserved more but then decided against it, instead choosing to put her arms around her younger sister. Actions often spoke louder than words.

The two siblings embraced tightly, thankful for each other as they had always been since they were children. Their parents hadn't been around much while they were growing up and it had always been the two of them.

Although Vanessa hadn't really wanted to open up her heart to anyone, she couldn't help but feel slightly better after telling Ruby.

"V, I'm begging you please, please go take a shower." Ruby said as she pulled away from Vanessa. The other girl just shoved her playfully, not taking offense and went to do as she was told.

Vanessa sighed as she stepped out of the shower. Ruby was quite right in the sense that she had really needed to wash. But all that stuff about Jenny and Nate had messed with her head as well as her heart and she hadn't really felt like leaving her warm, comfortable bed. It wasn't like her to let a guy affect her life so drastically, she just wasn't that girl or hadn't been before meeting Nate fricking Archibald. She wanted to hate him, to detest every fiber of his being but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The bastard had broken her heart and stomped on it repeatedly not once caring about her but she couldn't hate him.

Why? It was a question a part of her already knew the answer to but she'd be damned if that part ever came out of indefinite repression.

Walking lazily towards the couch in the living room, she was caught off guard by her sister's words.

"Oh, by the way Michelle's coming over in 2 hours and we'd like to be alone."

Vanessa froze; surprised at what her sister was saying but not protesting as she noticed the way Ruby eyes shone wholly with happiness at the mention of Michelle, her longtime girlfriend.

"Err... and where exactly will I be?" she asked playing dumb to the fact that her sister had obviously planned this out.

Grinning, Ruby responded, "You have a date, he'll pick you up around 8:00."

Playing matchmaker wasn't really Ruby's thing but whilst Vanessa was in the shower she had suddenly remembered a guy at her gig two weeks ago who had expressed an interest in her younger sister. He'd given Ruby his number expecting it to be passed on to Vanessa. She obviously hadn't passed it on as Nate was still in the picture. But now that he wasn't, Ruby decided to call the guy pretending to be V. The guy had been surprised - it had been 2 weeks after all - but nonetheless pleased. She knew he was trustworthy because he was Naz's cousin. Naz was the band's guitarist and had guaranteed he was a decent guy. Ruby watched Vanessa, wondering if she was going to protest.

"Who is this he?" she asked not really wanting to know but playing along anyway.

"He's called Jared, he's Naz's cousin. He was at that gig 2 weeks ago at Silver's. He asked about you when we were packing up and left me his number to pass on. He's cute V, and anyway you look like you need to enjoy yourself. Have fun, forget your troubles." Ruby finished with a cheeky smile. The younger girl rolled her eyes and sighed as if to say 'It's not that easy.'

"Don't give me that angst shit V, because I had enough of that after the Dan, Serena fiasco," Ruby warned reading Vanessa's expression with ease.

Vanessa wanted to refuse to go on this date and get right back to finishing reading her book. But after she'd thought it over, she decided it was probably a good idea. It'd be good for her to get out and try to forget. She was going to be strong, like she had always been.

"Where's Jared taking me?" she asked after a moment's silence.

"An opening of a club," Ruby replied beaming at her and completely brushing off the fact that V was under-age.

Vanessa flashed her small smile and turned towards her bedroom, only stopping to shout over her shoulder, "What do I wear?"

The two sisters looked at every single dress that was laid out on V's bed before Ruby grabbed one in triumph, "This is the one."

Vanessa looked at the royal blue dress Rubes was holding up. It was a Jenny Humphrey creation; the blonde had given it to her for her 17th birthday. Even thinking about wearing the dress made the brunette feel uneasy, but then a small voice in her head that sounded suspiciously like Dan chimed in, it's yours, you can wear it. You're done with Nate so it shouldn't be a problem. It was true; it wasn't going to be a problem she decided determined to not let it bother her, and took the dress from Ruby.

Looking in the mirror, she couldn't help but be pleased with her reflection; the dress was just the right amount of sexy without being slutty. However much she disliked her at the moment, Vanessa couldn't deny the fact that Jenny was a fantastic designer.

"What do you think?" she asked turning towards Ruby.

"Well it doesn't make me wanna scream crack-whore, which has gotta be a good thing right?" Ruby responded, her face split wide in a grin. V rolled her eyes which instigated Ruby to stick out her tongue and smile, "Nah you look beautiful V."

Nate grudgingly opened his eyes and looked towards the alarm clock beside him which showed he'd been in and out of slumber for nearly a whole day. Mid-stretch he flinched as everything that had happened with Vanessa bombarded his mind. Groaning, he put his head in his hands, unaware of the blonde girl that had just come into the room. He looked up as he felt someone sit down at the end of his bed.

"You're awake!" Serena stated, smiling widely.

"Yeah," he replied not really feeling up to having a conversation.

"How are you feeling?" Serena asked determined to get her friend to act a little less zombie and a lot more human.

"Like shit," he muttered not seeing the point in lying.

"No surprise there," she said shrugging. "I'm here for you Nate - just wanted you to know that. I know break-ups are difficult. I mean when Dan and I split, I honestly thought it was the end of the world but it wasn't. Whatever happens you've got to carry on living life, granted it'll hurt for a while but it will get better," Serena finished earnestly.

Nate laughed cynically, "But it didn't get better did it Serena? Yeah you have Aaron now and you're apparently over Dan but come on Serena do you honestly believe that its better? I've seen the way you look at Aaron but it doesn't even come close to the way you looked at and still do look at Dan."

Serena gasped and shut her eyes at the bitter onslaught that was coming out of Nate Archibald's mouth. What was he saying? More importantly why was he saying it? She had been so sure that she was totally over Dan and happy with Aaron but these words from the mild mannered Archibald were making her doubt herself.

"Shut up Nate," she whispered somewhat hysterically.

He hadn't really been thinking about what he was saying, the words had left his mouth before he had had time to. He observed the frantic expressions crossing the face of the one friend who'd bothered to help him and felt overcome by guilt.

Nate locked eyes with Serena trying to convey how apologetic he was, "I'm so sorry Serena, I wasn't thinking. I'm just in a really dark place right now and I guess I wanted someone to feel as bad as I do. I'm hurting right now; I didn't mean it. Please believe that," Nate said his tone very close to pleading.

Serena hesitantly considered the boy opposite her, he looked downright distraught. She'd never seen him like this before, so worn and vulnerable. She couldn't feel bad about what he'd said, not when he'd said it while his head was so messed up.

She tried to convince herself that Nate hadn't meant his words but the seed of doubt that he'd planted didn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. She took a deep breath trying to dispel those thoughts and smiled slightly at the young Archibald, indicating that she wouldn't hold his words against him. He seemed to understand and brightened slightly but not nearly enough in Serena's opinion. Nate still looked as happy as a banker was probably feeling in this recession.

S wasn't one to just accept another's misery even if the other in this case had said very unpleasant things to her just moments ago. She decided she would try to cheer him up, a fun night out was what he needed.

"Nate, if I asked you to do something would you say yes?" Serena asked nonchalantly.

"Considering what I've just said I think I'd have to," he responded.

"There's a club opening, it's supposed to be extremely cool. Would you come with me and Aaron? I just think you look like you need a bit of fun." She finished with a small smile.

Nate desperately wanted to say no, the third wheel thing would've been a perfect excuse but he owed it to Serena after his ungratefulness.

"Yeah sure," he said failing miserably in his attempts to sound enthusiastic.

Serena grinned and looked at her watch, "We're leaving around 9; I'd better get changed."

Nate watched as Serena walked out and begrudgingly got into the shower, the hot water was a much-needed comfort. Having dressed, he waited in the lounge for Serena and Aaron who were in her room. They appeared within moments, Serena looking uncharacteristically anxious. Unable to pinpoint why that was, he shrugged it off.

Vanessa sat in a booth waiting for Jared to get their drinks. She liked him well enough; he seemed to be intelligent, down to earth and startlingly sexy. She'd been surprised when he'd brought her here, she hadn't been expecting an UES club but he'd explained that the only reason he was on the guest list was that his brother was DJ-ing. She'd sighed in relief because the last thing that she'd needed was to get involved with someone else from the Upper East Side, not that she was thinking of getting involved with anyone at the moment. Jared was nice but she didn't want a relationship.

She spotted Jared weaving through the masses towards her, and smiled. He grinned at her, his brilliant white teeth shining in stark contrast to his dark skin and put their drinks down on the table. "I like that you ordered a whiskey." He told her approvingly.

"Thanks I guess," she replied slightly confused.

"Its just you know, women don't normally like whiskey."

"What's your point?" she asked brazenly.

He chuckled, "You surprised me, and I like that."

She inwardly groaned as she remembered something that he'd said to her.

"There's this function, my moms made it compulsory that I go. Wanna come with me?" Nate asked already sure the answer was going to be no. This was a high class social event and the types of people attending would be the likes of Blair Waldorf. Definitely not Vanessa's piece of cake, probably her nightmare he thought wondering why in hell he'd bothered to ask. He remembered it was because she would be the only one who'd be able to stop him from dying of boredom.

"Sure Nate," she replied with a wide smile, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He laughed, "V you do the exact opposite of what I expect, and you constantly surprise me. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I love it about you."

Her date was surveying her intently and hadn't missed the deflated expression on her face. Tactfully he didn't call her out on it, and instead asked her about her film making. She brightened as she talked about her passion for film and what she hoped to achieve. Vanessa shone with an odd kind of hope because she had something; she had her films and her dreams. As corny as she knew that probably would've sounded, she had felt herself grow stronger in her epiphany.

Jared watched her, almost captivated by her words and hand gestures, her newfound inner strength adding to her beauty.

"I've talked and talked and I haven't asked about you," Vanessa said suddenly with a sheepish smile. She found out that he sculpted which had surprised her slightly but was nevertheless interesting. Taking a large gulp of whiskey she looked towards the dance floor and had an uncharacteristic desire to dance. Jared seemed to be on the same wavelength as he asked, "Wanna d-" but was interrupted by the loud shriek of his cell phone. Looking at the screen he frowned and sent her an apologetic look, "I'm sorry but it's really important that I take this, I'll be back soon," he said and walked out of the noisy club.

Vanessa's unusual urge to dance was still there so she stood up and walked towards the dance floor, letting the music overcome her. She truly let go at that point, of everything and everyone but the music.

Nate sat at the bar taking knocking back large amounts of beer, looking over at Aaron and Serena. The couple were dancing and having a good time. He knew he must've been a hell of a killjoy for them but he couldn't bring himself to care anymore. Scanning the floor, he couldn't help but envy the couples who seemed happy and content with each other. He noticed with surprise that Blair and Chuck were dancing close together; it shouldn't have been much of a revelation seeing as they were so obviously in love with each other. All they had to do was get past all the games and shit but seeing as this was Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, he knew that would be extremely difficult. He decided it would be best to stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend because it was making his head hurt.

As he gazed wistfully at the door, he spotted familiar dark curls out of the corner of his eye. Cocking his head to one side, he scrutinized the mesmerizing dancer in the middle of the dance floor, his eyes immediately focusing on a head of curls that he would've recognized from a mile away. Half convinced he was hallucinating, his eyes swept over her enticing form as she swayed and gyrated, moving sensually to the music. Her long toned legs were clad in sheer black fabric and as Nate raised his gaze to her mid thigh, where the hem of her dress rested, with a sudden twist of her hips the dress raised up enough to give Nate a flash of lacy black stocking tops. Her dress was made from a dark blue fabric and hugged her every curve. Nate shook his head, feeling frustrated at the dim lighting of the club. He had to see her face. As she turned slightly, he caught a glimpse of her; it was unmistakably his Vanessa Abrams. Her eyes were closed as she focused solely on the music, and her plump pink lips were slightly parted.

Not needing anymore confirmation, Nate abandoned his drink and weaved in and out of the other dancers, towards her. He squeezed past couples who were practically copulating right there on the dance floor, and groups of young girls who eyed him hungrily, and they could've been J-Lo for all he cared.

He reached the heart of the dance floor directly behind her, so close that he could smell her distinctive scent that drove him wild. Nate stepped up to her back and began mimicking her movements, feeling the beat of the music pulse through his body. Instinctively, he placed his slender hands on the curves of Vanessa's hips and pulled her back until their bodies were firmly pressed together.

Vanessa gasped slightly at the feel of hands on her hips. She felt a shock of electricity run through her whole body at the contact. Ignoring an insistent nagging feeling that said otherwise, she concluded Jared had come back and as the alcohol began to take affect she decided it didn't matter, all that mattered was the music.

Vanessa curved her back into a body-roll and bumped her posterior swiftly into his groin. Nate closed his eyes, enjoying the intimate contact however brief it had been. Vanessa continued to sashay her hips challenging Nate to match her rhythm. As the music picked up pace Vanessa raised her hands and pressed back hard into his toned chest. He groaned in unadulterated lust and slid one hand across Vanessa's trim stomach, splaying his fingers and resting it on her lower ribcage just beneath her bust. As she writhed and shuddered under his touch, Nate allowed himself pleasure at the idea that he still affected her that strongly.

Not once did either of them lose the rhythm of the music, feeling their hearts beating in unison in time with the pounding base of the song, and each time it changed to a new one they either sped up or slowed down, allowing the beat to discern their speed.

Vanessa leant back against his hard muscled chest as the music slowed, rolling her head back onto Nate's right shoulder, her eyes closed and cheeks flushed, never losing the rhythm of the song.

On impulse, the blonde leant his head forward and placed his hot lips against the soft skin of her graceful neck. Caught up in the moment, he closed his sapphire eyes and began to gently suck and bite her sweet-tasting skin. He knew that by then Vanessa would have been able to feel his desire for her, but he no longer cared.

Vanessa whimpered, her eyes closed- pleasure raging in every cell of her body.

"Va-nessa..." Nate moaned into her ear, his want for her reflected in the two syllables of her name.

The blissful ecstasy evaporated as soon as she heard his voice. The voice that had one upon a time been her most favourite sound in the world. Her eyes snapped open and she found herself looking directly into those painfully beautiful sapphire eyes. Sighing, she shakily stepped away from him. As much as she tried to convince herself that she hadn't known it was him, she knew it was a lie. She may not have been completely aware but his touch was unmistakable and she'd just gotten carried away. She'd done the last thing she'd wanted to do. She'd gotten close to him, she'd touched him, and she'd desired him.

Nate quelled the urge to pull Vanessa back into his arms and instead watched her closely, willing her to look him in the eye. His hand involuntary reaching for hers and squeezing tightly. He wanted her to know that he felt exactly the same as he'd felt at the cafe two days ago.

Vanessa flinched as he gently squeezed her hand and pulled away. Glancing up, she saw the hurt all over his face. This angered her, beyond belief. Who the fuck did he think he was? He didn't have the right to be upset. He'd been the one to break her heart. Why the hell was he making her feel guilty when in fact she'd only tried to protect her already beat up heart.

"You have no right," Vanessa hissed. "You can't touch me Nate; you can't make me feel bad. I just... I can't do this anymore. Go to your girlfriend Nate and leave me be."

As tears began to prick at the corners of her eyes, Vanessa turned and walked away, only letting herself cry once she'd stepped out the club.

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