Based on the TV Show "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

A month later

Starfleet still had no leads about the disappearance of Enterprise. As far as they were concerned the ship was on a routine surveillance mission, and had engaged the enemy before disappearing. Besides their feeble search around the klingon borders there was nothing else that they could do. The ship and crew were all presumed lost.

You can bet the decision did not rest well with the remaining families and friends of the crew. Yet despite how much they refused to want to believe it, Miles O'Brien and Worf convinced Captain Sisko to let them have a small service to pay respect to their lost commrads. Though they didn't say it, they felt it was the only possible thing they could do. Both men didn't like this helpless feeling.

The service itself was rather vague. Worf and O'Brien, with his wife, were the only ones who really knew members of the Enterprise crew. In fact the service was really all of them, plus Jadzia, Julian, and Kira, reminiscing on the good, and bad times of the voyage. The 'service' was interrupted suddenly by Captain Sisko.

" Sisko to Bashir," came the Captain's voice on the com. link.

The doctor looked guiltely at the others before tapping on his combadge and saying, " Bashir here. What's the matteer captain?"

" I think you should come to my office," said Sisko and his voice held a hint of confusion and even the slightest bit of fear.

Bashir immediatly knew he had to come. Every instict he had learned in medical school and Starfleet kicked in before he could stop it.

Standing up he said, " Will you please excuse me?"

As everyone else nodded he quickly left the room and rushed to the Captain's office. He only feared he was too late. However, as he rushed in he got the suprise of his life. The Captain seemed in perfect health, albeit a little confused. The real shock was that what seemed to Bashir as a beam of light stood in the middle of the room. Then the strangest occurence of all happened.

Suddenly Bashir felt as though the light was speaking to his mind, " Ah, you are here. We may begin."

The light began to pulse brighter and brighter until it enveloped the room. Then it grew dimmer and dimmer until finally it disappeared and with it Sisko and Bashir.

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