Based on the TV Show "Tru Calling"

AN: Alright, a heads up to all readers I am totally screwing with a lot of facts from the series thus why it is a major AU. This starts about three years before the series and is basically me asking the question: "What would happen if Tru and Jack had met before either of them received their Calling and takes off from there. Please let me know what you think!

I want to say a big thank you to XxAnimeChick my beta who helped me work the kinks (and some larger problems) out of this chapter and was amazing about my obsessing over everything.

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Tru Calling or anything therein (damnit!).

Chapter 1

It was Friday night, and Tru Davies was sitting at a table crowded with her friends and their significant others, celebrating the end of finals week and the consecutive winter holiday.

"Tru's turn to get the drinks!" one of them shouted.

She jokingly groaned and rolled her eyes as she listened to the requests called out to her. She began to teasingly slap, nudge and push her way out of the booth. She headed over to the bar, waving over her shoulder and shouting, "Yeah, yeah!" to the redundant drink reminders. Finding an open spot at the bar, she leaned against it while waiting for the bartender, Charlie, to finish with another customer before reciting her long order.

"That's a lot of drinks; I hope you're not intending to drink them all on your own."

The drawling amused voice to her left had her turning toward the speaker. He was in his mid to late twenties with short light brown hair and a very sardonic expression on his face. What really caught her attention, though, were his eyes – they were a shocking, vibrant shade of blue. She raised an eyebrow, keeping her expression as aloof as possible.

He smirked. "Alcohol poisoning is a bitch." He looked at her; she returned his stare.

"I'm 19." Tru turned to face forward once again.

A hand came into her line of vision. "I'm Jack."

She looked at it for a moment before looking at him again and asking sarcastically, "What do you want? A cookie?"

"Jack" grinned, unfazed. "Feisty. I like that. And I certainly wouldn't mind a cookie…you have any?" he asked with inquiring, put-upon innocence.

Tru stared at him incredulously.

After a few moments he winked teasingly and smirked.

She blinked, frowning, yet somehow amused at the same time. "Are you trying to bait me?"

He shrugged carelessly, though she could see a look in his eyes. "Why would I do that to a girl who refuses to give me her name?"

Copying his non-committal motion, Tru leaned against the bar, facing him. "Girl's gotta be careful who she gives her name to these days. Lots of crazies out there." She straightened up a little, putting a look of mock seriousness on her face. "I mean you could be the stalker-type and decide to google me when you get home – find out where I live, where I work…you know, all the info necessary for stalking."

"Well," he said, matching her tone, "then a 'girl' should probably be more careful of her name being shouted in public places." He leaned towards her and whispered conspiratorially, "You have some very loud friends…Tru."

Raising an eyebrow she asked, "If you knew my name already, why did you ask for it?"

Jack shifted his stance so that he was mirroring her. "Because I figured it was probably more polite and less creepy to do so."

She pressed her lips together in teasing consideration. "Hmm…I think you failed in the 'less creepy' department. No offense."

Making a sound of acknowledgement, he nodded in a mock regretful way. "Yeah, you're right, damn."

Tru bit her lip, trying to keep from grinning; she was enjoying this sarcastic banter.

As the last drink of her order was placed upon the tray in front of her on the bar, she smiled at the bartender. "Thanks, Charlie." She turned back to Jack, about to say something.


She closed her eyes at her name being bellowed across the bar and looked in the direction of her table.

"Where's the drinks?"

Rolling her eyes, she turned back to her companion. He was smirking with a rather puckish gleam in his eyes. She pursed her lips, her own amusement coloring her expression. "Yeah, I know…loud friends."

He laughed.

She sighed. "I'd better get over there."

"Can we at least have a real introduction before you run off to join the land of drunken fun?" He gave her the most pathetic puppy dog look she had ever seen and she had to laugh.

"Yeah, fine." She straightened up next to him, extending her hand. "Tru Davies."

He accepted her hand. "Jack Harper. It's nice to meet you, Tru."

Tru smiled widely. "It's nice to meet you too, Jack."

After a few unnecessary seconds, she reluctantly released her grip on his hand; he was a little slower in letting go, keeping his eyes on hers. She had to break eye contact to turn to the bar and pick up the tray. When she turned back she met his eyes again, biting her lip. "See you around?"

He smirked. "Definitely." He watched her make her way expertly through the crowded bar to her table, casting him glances over her shoulder as she went.

"Can't fault you for your taste in women."

It took a few moments before Jack managed to drag his eyes away from Tru and turned to look at Charlie.

The bartender leaned on his elbows on the bar, glancing over at Tru before looking back at Jack. "I also have to say that she is too good for you."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"She's not a snob," Charlie assured him. "But she is one hell of a woman. And in my opinion she deserves probably better than any man can give her."

"She's in here a lot?"

"I'd say so…she works here." The older man straightened up to start on a drink someone had just shouted at him.

A slow smirk crossed Jack's lips as he looked back at Tru, who was laughing at something one of her friends said. "Really?"

"Bartends for me whenever she can manage it." The bartender cast a glance at the younger man; he was still staring at Tru, unable to look away. Previous nights, Charlie had watched Jack flirt with women and even seduce a few, but there was something in his eyes as he watched Tru and when he spoke with her that Charlie had never seen before. He frowned, having an intense internal debate about his next words: "Tru's gonna be working a lot over the holidays."

Jack finally turned to him. "She's not going to visit her family?"

Charlie shook his head. "Says that all the family she has is here."

Jack's attention went back to the beautiful brunette. "Well, I might have to make an effort to come here more often."

Charlie prayed that he would not come to regret his words.

I hope that I did the characters justice. It may take me a while to up date because I have a job that takes up far too much of my time and a few stories running at once but I will try to do so a soon as I can. I welcome both constructive criticism and praise; both help me in becoming a better writer. Flames, however, will be tossed in the fireplace where they belong.

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