This is a post-curse, possibility that won't leave me alone. So, like, hate, whatever. If you all are at all interested in seeing more beyond this, let me know.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I have no idea how the curse is going to end, or what is going to happen. That said, everything belongs to their respective owners: ABC, Kitsis and Harrowitz, whoever owns Ever After, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen and any other wonderful books, movies, shows that I end up borrowing from; not me.

EDIT 3/19/12: I changed the names I made up for characters that hadn't come up in the series when I began this to match the ones they use in OUAT. Namely at this point Snow's father, Leopold, and Regina's.

Once Upon a Time…and Again

Prologue: All a Dream

The white light grew brighter and brighter and spread farther and farther, slowly encompassing all of the weary, and many dying, fighters. Those who were able looked around anxiously.

The light continued to brighten; it was becoming blinding and soon they had to close their eyes against it, praying that this was the end of the curse they had hoped and fought for.


It was the deep of night; quiet and serenity reigned in their kingdom with naught a shiver of trouble. But then it was shattered; all over the Enchanted Forest people shot up, awake in bed. Vague shadows of dreams, and disturbingly strong feelings with no rhyme or reason haunted them.

Snow White took a deep breath, clutching her quilt around her; she stared at the wall across from her unseeingly. She could not clearly remember what the dream had been about, but she remembered fear, insecurity, all-consuming love, heartbreak, and a shade of blue she didn't even know could exist.

James's hand had automatically gone to his sword; his eyes had scanned the room for a threat, but soon realized that it was only in his mind. He lay back, staring at the ceiling; remembering feelings of being lost, confused, a love beyond anything he could imagine, pain, and the scent of cinnamon and chocolate.

Regina's eyes swept the room, regaining bearings that had, for some reason, been tossed asunder; she turned to see her husband sleeping soundly beside her. She eased herself back onto the bed, frowning at the ceiling; remembering rage, fear, pain, a desperate need to lash out, and a darkness blacker than night.

Ella looked around the kitchen from her position by the fireplace; everything was as it always had been. She stared into the dying embers. Remembered feelings of joy, abiding love, fear, loneliness, desperation, and a baby's cry floated through her head.

Thomas's gaze looked over his familiar room, seeing nothing out of place; he shifted so that he was sitting with his back against the headboard. Memories of shame, yearning, wonder, the sweetest love, hope, and golden locks dancing in the wind lingered in his heart.

Calm settled once more o're the land. Our intrepid friends slowly sink back into the arms of Morpheus. But not for long shall they slumber in life. For fate and destiny will not be denied. And true love always finds a way.


So this is the start of what is supposed to be an "after the curse" story, though it could also be a "there never was a curse" story after this chapter for the most part. If anyone is interested I'll continue, otherwise I'll leave it here. I may add more characters to this prologue and the rest of the story as the TV series goes on and I get a better feel for them, but at the moment this handful of characters are the only ones that I have a grasp on. I hope you liked it! Thank you for reading!

EDIT: I changed "Clara's" name to Regina since we now know that that's her name in FTL.

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