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Grumpy's voice sounded from behind him, "Mind if we join you?"

Taking a deep, bracing breath, David tossed the rock he was holding into the river. "Please." He gestured grandly with his arms then leaned forward to brace his forearms on his knees, wondering what the dwarfs would have to say now.

Snow's seven guardians gathered around her lover. "We may owe you a slight apology."

"Slight?!" he scoffed.

"Don't get greedy," the gruff dwarf scolded. "Take it."

David held back the laughter that wanted to escape. "Okay," he conceded, straightening up.

"We should never have doubted your intentions." Grumpy held out a tin cup to him.

As small as the gesture might seem, the erstwhile shepherd knew how monumental it truly was. Snow's most staunch and suspicious protector was offering him an olive branch and a real welcome into their family. No way was David going to turn his back on it.

He accepted the cup, Grumpy filling it along with his brothers'.

The prince stood. "You were only looking out for her best interests." And they had been, they'd proven their love of Snow beyond all shadow of a doubt. David was no fool, he knew how important they were to his beloved princess and having a group of supporters 100% loyal to his fiancée was the highest boon and protection for her that existed anywhere. They all raised their glasses in a toast. "Here's to starting over," David declared.

Before they had finished clinking glasses Snow stormed by behind him.

"We need to talk," she snapped, not stopping.

The dwarfs all turned surprised, amused and almost pitying glances at the prince. Quickly tossing his drink back, David handed the cup back to Grumpy and followed after his bride-to-be until she stopped a few yards from their friends, rounding on him. She held up the hilt of a sword, sans the blade, and then slapped it into his palm. It took him a beat to recognize it as the one he'd planted. Oh, hell.

"I saw Rumplestiltskin," she snarled.

David held up a hand in an attempt at a calming gesture. "Snow, I can explain."

"So it's true. You planted the sword in that stone." She never for a moment had thought he, her Charming, would be capable of making her this angry or feeling this betrayed.

His heart ached at her tone, knowing that he'd hurt her. "I did," he admitted.

"So, you took me on an adventure to find a magical sword because…?!" she demanded, sarcasm thick in her tone.

David took an impassioned step closer, desperate for her to understand. "You needed to believe in something I already knew."

"So, when I stood up to Regina–" Her voice was edging toward hysterical.

"You did that on your own." The former shepherd didn't know how he kept his voice level, trying to help her calm down, to truly realize what he'd been attempting to help her with. "You had it inside you the entire time. You just…" he gazed longingly, reverently, into her beloved emerald eyes, seeing the beginnings of comprehension in her expression, "needed some help to realize that."

Her lips parted, eyes wide, as she picked up on every nuance of what his words and gesture meant. Snow swallowed hard. "But you didn't." Her eyes were locked on his, needing the confirmation of his faith in her.

A short, soft laugh escaped Charming as he shook his head.

Snow searched his expression for several moments, then grabbed him by the collar of his doublet, crushing his mouth to hers. Before he could respond, she pulled back again and slapped him. "That's for tricking me." She slapped his gobsmacked expression again once he'd turned back. "That's for lying." She hauled him back to her, kissing him soundly.

Slowly David's hands rose, shock wearing off, one arm wrapping around her waist, his other hand cupping her head, carding his fingers through her long locks. It was a long, leisurely, passionate kiss. It was quite some time before they drew apart.

"And that," she breathed, "is for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself."

"Ow," he commented huskily.

Snow's lips twitched, trying to contain a smile. "Do you want me to kiss it better?" she breathed, gloved fingers rasping against his stubble as she stoked the offended cheek.

David cut his eyes to where the dwarfs had been standing, but the seven men had, quite handily, disappeared. No way he wasn't taking advantage of their lack of chaperones.

His fiancée let out a squeal as she found herself swept off her feet and into his arms bridal style. "Charming!"

"Yes, my darling?" His mouth trailed along her throat.

"The dwarfs!" she tried to protest, but arched into his ministrations.

"Have made themselves scarce." His long, determined strides rapidly carried them into the woods, finally he set her back on her feet though she remained a willing captive in his embrace. "And, for now at least," Charming pressed her back against a tree, the passion burning in his blue eyes sending her heart tripping in her chest, "you're all mine," he breathed, lips brushing hers as he spoke.

His possessive words drew a gasp from Snow, the sound captured by David's his mouth claiming hers.

Their first time together David had had the distinctly ungentlemanly desire to take her against that tree, but had restrained himself because it was their first time. This time he wasn't finding that restraint anywhere present and fully intended indulge in the desire.

Snow moaned at the feel of his hands slipping under the hem of her vest and caressing her waist, only just then realizing he'd managed to unbutton her coat without her noticing. The blunt edge of his thumbnail drawing up her spine had her arching into him; she felt a spike of annoyance at the smirk that curved his lips against hers.

That annoyance set off her earlier fury at him risking their lives and, with great effort, she jerked back from the kiss, catching his confused expression just before she drew her hand back and soundly slapped him again.

David grabbed her wrist, pinning it against the tree, blue gaze flaring. "Now what the hell was that for?!"

"You could've gotten us all killed!" she snapped back.

"But no one was!"

"This time!" she shrieked. "And you had no way of knowing that we wouldn't all get killed! You've seen what Regina's capable of and you sent me off to fight her with a shoddy copy of Excalibur!"

"And I'd do it again! To help you, to help the kingdom I'd do it again!"

"You'd risk all our lives on a hunch?!"

"Did I say it was a hunch?"

"You had no idea if it would work out not! That makes it a hunch in my book!"

"I believed in you and I don't count that as a hunch!"

Snow hated that her heart melted at his words, but couldn't stop it. "Idiot," she managed to inject at least some annoyance into her tone, before dragging his head down to hers and crushing her lips against his.

David's free hand gripped her waist tightly, pressing himself closer to her–possibly an unwise thing to do if Snow was still angry with him–drawing her upper lip between his and tracing the bow of it with his tongue, coaxing a gentler response from her. A hum escaped Snow, her tongue darting out to stroke his, her unrestrained hand clenching around the front of his doublet. His hold on her wrist shifted to her hand, threading his fingers through hers, she gripped his hand tightly in return. Snow wondered at the twist in her heart at the gesture, that her Charming could make her feel such soft things with such a simple gesture, when she was otherwise still quite pissed at him and not really wanting sweet and gentle between them right now. However, she kept her fingers entwined with his for a while longer, until she felt his fingers work on the buttons of her vest, then she tugged her hand free, him letting her go with obvious reluctance.

Her fingers flew to the ties of his doublet, not being overly careful about yanking at the knots, she wasn't sure if she might have broken one or not, but couldn't find it in her to care. David already had her vest open and palmed one of her breasts, causing her to arch into his less than gentle caresses, his mouth swallowing up her moans.

Snow finally had his doublet open, though he wasn't letting go of her long enough for her to remove it, she ran her hands up and down his shirt-clad chest and growled in frustration when she realized that she was still wearing her gloves. Reaching behind his neck, so as to not interrupt the pleasurable ministrations of his hands, she fumbled her gloves off then dragged her nails down his back and under his shirt, drawing a groan from him.

One of his hands skimmed down her stomach to the fastenings of her breeches, once he had them open his hand slipped inside.

Snow's mouth tore from his, gasping and crying out as his fingers slid between her legs. "Charming!" Her hips arched into his hand, urging him on.

David captured her lips again, in part to muffle the sounds she was making, he wasn't entirely confident that the dwarfs couldn't hear them, but enjoying seeing her respond so to him too much to even think of stopping.

In retaliation, Snow bit down harshly on his lower lip and then teasingly sucked on it, running her tongue over it, bringing forth a half-groan, half-chuckle from him. When he pulled his fingers away from her core, a whimper of protest slipped from her, however when he began to tug her breeches off, she immediately wriggled to help him, toeing out of her boots. She reached for his own waistband the moment she was free, not at all shy about stroking him as she undid the fastenings and pushed them aside, he couldn't help thrusting against her when her hand gripped him.

"Snow," he groaned against her neck, hands sliding from her hips to grip her thighs firmly. She let out a gasp when he easily lifted her, keeping her pressed tightly against the tree. Their heads drew apart enough to lock gazes as he slid inside her. Snow's eyes rolled back and her head fell back to the tree trunk, David's forehead dropped to her shoulder with a moan. After a few moments of stillness to catch their breaths, Snow rolled her hips against his demandingly, prompting his own to rock against her.

Some distant part of Snow's brain was grateful that they hadn't removed her vest and coat as David thrust hard into her, her back dragging against the rough bark. One of her hands was locked around his shoulders, the other clawed at the tree above her head, seeking purchase while she arched into him.

David watched her with a half-lidded gaze, lowering his mouth to the pulse in her throat and sucking on it, closing his eyes at the steady pulse under his lips. Snow's nails dug into his shoulder, he could tell from the more intense sting that a couple of her fingers were digging into marks she'd made their first time around, he nipped at her collarbone in retribution. His lips trailed down to her breast, closing over the nipple and sucking, Snow gave a cry that they probably should be worried about the dwarfs hearing but couldn't seem to care.

Snow enjoyed the moan that Charming gave against her breast when her inner muscles tightened around him, gasping at the sensations. She knew there'd be red marks all over her pale, sensitive skin from the not-so gentle scrape of his stubble. Part of her thought that she probably shouldn't be feeling as pleased about that as she was.

No one had better interrupt them; she couldn't help thinking, letting out a particularly loud moan when he tilted his hips against her just so, she might actually run someone through if they did. She was close, so close, and with the hand that wasn't holding onto Charming, Snow tugged at one of his hands.

Firming his grip with the other one and pressing her more fully to the tree, David allowed her to pull that one away from her hip and draw it between their bodies, guiding it to that place where they were joined. He didn't immediately touch her where she wanted, fingers instead massaging her stomach, much to her audible frustration. But then his mouth released her breast and, before she could protest, captured her lips, smothering the cries that escaped her as soon as his fingers pressed against where she'd needed him most.

Within moments she climaxed, crying his name into his mouth, David greedily swallowing the sound, and a few thrusts later joined her. Unable to support them any longer, he was barely able to slow their descent to the ground, as they sank onto the earth beside the tree, both panting. They shifted to lay side by side, trying to catch their breaths.

"I hope that the dwarfs didn't hear that," Snow eventually managed.

A tired chuckle rumbled from David. "I doubly hope so. I'm the one they'd kill."

Snow snorted as she snuggled into his side. "By the way, don't think that this means you're out of the doghouse for risking our lives. And if you ever pull a stunt like that again or lie to me, you don't have to worry about Regina or George killing you. I'll do it myself."

Arms drawing her closer, David smirked. "I know, my darling."

She lifted her head enough so that he could see her smirking back. "Good." Yanking him down by his doublet, Snow kissed him soundly before settling back into his side with a sigh. "Just so we're clear."

Charming grinned, thinking to himself that he was really going to enjoy convincing his lover to forgive him.


So there you have it! :-D I hope that you guys had as much fun reading as I did writing (though with fewer headaches and less anxiety. XD ) Thank you for reading!

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