This is a drabble based off of what little we know of the next episode, The Price of Gold.

Disclaimer: As ever, nothing belongs to me… *sigh*

Worth the Trouble

"Why are you doing this?"

Emma glanced over at the young woman in her passenger seat. "Excuse me?"

"Why are you doing this?" Ashley repeated. "Helping me. You don't even know me, and all I've caused you is trouble. So why?"

Emma stared straight out the windshield.

After waiting a few minutes, Ashley figured that Emma wasn't going to answer her and began to turn to look out the passenger window.

"I had a baby."

This had Ashley's head snapping back to the other woman, who was still just staring straight ahead.

"I was basically still a kid at the time, 17. I had no friends or family support, and the father wasn't in the picture." She shrugged. "I figured that giving the baby up was the best option for him…his best chance."

Ashley kept silent, worried that if she said something Emma would just clam back up.

"I – I tried not to let myself get attached, and I pretended to everyone, even myself, that I wasn't. But when he was taken from my arms…it ripped my heart out of my chest."

Ashley blinked furiously, trying not to let the tears fall for the woman next to her.

"He has a pretty good life, a better one than I could have given him. But…" she bit her lip, "but that doesn't mean part of me doesn't wish I had made a different choice, or that I don't sometimes regret giving him up. And if I can help one person avoid that pain…" she looked over at Ashley. "It's worth whatever trouble may come of it."

Ashley gave her a tremulous smile. "Thank you."

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