Van Helsing 2

The ancient doors of the Vatican monastery creaked open. A trench coated man walked through the doorway, his black leather boots click on the marble floors. He wore a fedora, and his face was hidden, all that could be seen was his long curly dark brown hair. He braced a large crossbow on his shoulder, and the shining handle of his pistol showed from within his jacket. He turned to the left, and walked into the booth, and sat down in it.

"Hello holy father.." the man said.

The man removed his hat, to reveal his face, that of Gabriel Van Helsing.

"Welcome back my son...I trust your return journey was well." said the priest.

"Yes, it was well is Carl?" asked Van Helsing.

"He is well...working on some new invention." said the priest.

Van Helsing half smiled, and made the symbol of the cross over his chest, put on his hat, and left the booth. He then walked to the wall opposite of his door.

"Vae Victus." said the Van Helsing.

The walk opened, and a squat monk nodded to Van Helsing, and Van Helsing walked in. He then walked down the stairs into the laboratory. He looked at the diverse crowd of monks working on various tools of monster hunting. He then arrived at Carl's table. Carl looked up, and smiled, pulling his work spectacles off.

"Hullo Van Helsing." he said in his squeaky voice.

"Hello Carl, anything new for me today?" said Van Helsing.

"I am working on something is like a sword, and a tojo blade combined." Carl said.

"Really? Can I see the concept sketches?" asked Van Helsing.

Carl nodded, and opened up a scroll of parchment. Carl pointed out various mechanisms.

"You will press this lever here on the hilt, on these blades attached to a chain will spin at rapid speeds...this is powered by a special oil from Syria, it never burns out." said Carl.

"And what do we call this new invention of yours?" said Van Helsing.

"A chainsword, as I said, this lever will make the blades of chain on the main blade...quite a nasty weapon, it can tear through flesh quite easily," said Carl.

"Good, Carl, you are truly a genius." said Van Helsing.

Suddenly, the red robed priest Van Helsing had spoken to earlier ran up to the two.

"Van have a new assignment." said the priest.

"Already?" said Van Helsing.

The priest ignored the statement, and continued.

"An excavation team in Egypt uncovered some sort of staff, the staff had ancient Sumerian runes imprinted on it...the leader of the expedition read the letters, and the staff cast some sort of wave over the the dead walk," said the priest.

Van Helsing narrowed his eyes.

"Hurry up and finish that invention Carl...I'll need it." said Van Helsing.

"Actually, I just need to make the vessel to hold the oil...and it will be done, I was working on it while you were away on the London assignment." said Carl.

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