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This site is for all who loved the story & characters of the Dirty Dancing movies.  Here, they will forever live on!  You will find an ongoing Chain Story that several participants are contributing to.  If you'd like to know more about what a Chain Story is, please go to the Home Page where you will find a more detailed description.

Individual Dirty Dancing Fanfic


If you would like to become a writer for this title, please go to the MFC's RPG & Fanfic Chain Forum, find the title, then follow the steps to Request to Join. If the title is not listed in the Pending or in it's own section, then it has not been requested yet. Please request the title to be started in the Pending area. If you have any questions, please contact me in any method mentioned on the Contact Me Link found on the Home Page.


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The writers of this group are currently deciding upon a main plot point for our first Dirty Dancing Chain Story.  Please check back soon!!  If you have an idea for a plot, please post it in the forum or contact me.  We will be voting on a plot soon!!