A/N: This story is the second in The Sisterhood of Karn series. The first story is The Sisterhood of Karn. You'll have to read that one to understand what's going on with this one.

Chapter One

Clara stood by the Eleventh Doctor as he flew the TARDIS through the vortex on the way to Karn. She had tried to explain what was going on as quickly as she could. She had to admit too that it was nice being back with her old Doctor, the one who wasn't afraid to hug or say something without sarcasm dripping from his lips. She also found it amusing that the three Doctors hadn't stopped dissing one another. When she told them what the Twelfth Doctor looked like, the War Doctor laughed triumphantly.

"So, you decided to take my advice and stop looking like little kids," he crowed.

Eleven and Ten flashed an annoyed look his way while War Doctor grinned.

"I may be Granddad but I still have a bit of authority, eh?" he said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're bloody brilliant. Moving on and getting back to the problem at hand here…," Eleven said, rolling his eyes while Clara giggled. "I think we need to land a day later than you left in case the women are still hunting for you."

"And land a bit further away in case the women are still hunting for her," Ten added.

"But what about the Doctor and Rose, will they be alright if we leave them there for a day?" Clara asked Eleven.

Eleven and Ten shared a glance. Ten sighed and walked up to Clara's side.

"We can't land in the thick of it, we need to strategize," he said gently to Clara. "They're looking for you, probably expecting you to return so we have to wait. I know we're brilliant but we're still four against twenty or thirty and it sounds like they won't hesitate to harm or kill me and Rose to stop us rescuing them."

"And the Sisterhood are nutters but I'm sure you've figured that out already," War Doctor said, walking over to them. "Like they said, there is strength in numbers so we need to get the upper hand before we try to rescue them."

"And then after that, we have to go back to the other problem," Eleven told Ten. "Isn't life grand sometimes."

"Grand and extremely complicated," Ten said. "I'm going to have take a nice, long holiday after all this."

"Same here," Eleven said, nodding.

"I wish I could but unfortunately I have to do something in addition to sorting out these two tasks," War Doctor. "And I'm hoping I won't have to worry about a holiday or anything else for that matter."

Ten and Eleven shared another glance but said nothing. Eleven slapped his hands together when the TARDIS landed and powered down.

"We're here," he said. "Karn, hopefully one day after you left it."

"Hopefully?" Clara said.

"Well…there are no certainties in life," Eleven said with a shrug.

"Shush," War Doctor said, holding up his hand. "Listen."

Everyone fell silent as they listened for sounds outside the door. Finally, after two minutes of listening, Ten ventured over to the door, opened it a bit and took a peek outside.

"Well…" the Doctor said after a minute of scanning the surroundings, "unless they're hiding, they seem to be gone now. So…should we risk it?"

"We can't save them standing in here," War Doctor said. "I say we risk it."

"I second the motion," Eleven said.

"And I third it," Clara said.

"And it's unanimous," Ten said. "So…everybody, let's sally forth and see if we can find the missing people."


The first thing Clara noticed was the TARDIS had landed much further than they did the last time. She wondered if that was the reason why no one was around and if the people searching for her were searching the spot where the TARDIS had been. She comforted herself by reasoning that at least they could see them from a distance if that were true. Unless they really were hiding.

She was glad that she was in the company of three Doctors. She felt that between the four of them, they could defeat the Sisterhood and get the Doctor and Rose back. But as she walked behind the War Doctor, she couldn't help but think of that night in the barn when she whispered to him that fear could make him stronger. It blew her mind to think that she helped the Doctor become the man he was today simply by trying to calm his childhood fears and stop his weeping.

She also noticed that these Doctors did the same thing as her Doctor, taking in all the downed spaceships with undisguised anger. She figured they were remembering when they were the Eighth Doctor and crash landed here since her Doctor did go into more detail about what happened with Cass while they were locked in the cell.

Clara informed them when they reached the spot where she had landed with the Twelfth Doctor and instantly, the three men went into surveillance mode, all of them looking in different directions for any sign of life. She watched as the War Doctor reached into a small satchel at his side, pulling out a tiny laser blaster. She then watched Eleven when he caught sight of the blaster. Eleven snorted softly in derision and turned his gaze away from War Doctor while he kept the blaster at the ready and walked off to the right in search of anyone. Clara walked over to Eleven and he smiled warmly at her.

"You don't approve of his gun?" she said softly, nodding her head towards the War Doctor.

Eleven snorted again and Clara chuckled.

"I don't need a gun like Captain Grumpy does, I can use my mind," he said while Clara grinned. "Probably can't use his mind anymore, probably has Alzheimer's or something like that."

"You do know you're talking about yourself, yeah?" Clara teased.

"I don't claim him as me so he doesn't count," Eleven teased with a twinkle in his eyes. "For all we know he's wearing adult nappies and the urine stench might give us away."

Clara giggled at that, loving that she was back with a Doctor who knew how to laugh and joke and have some fun.

As if reading her mind, Eleven motioned for Clara to follow him as they walked straight ahead.

"So how is the elderly me?" he said as he and Clara looked around for any signs of life. "Does he treat you well enough?"

"Sometimes," Clara said.

Eleven gave her a sideways glance.

"But not always?" he said.

"He's…different from you, more mature and more…caustic."

"Ugh. Just what I don't want, another grumpy me," Eleven said while Clara patted his back.

He sighed as he stopped and looked around.

"Well…don't see anything besides us," he said to Clara. "You lot find anything?" he called back to the others.

"Not a sausage," Ten said, walking towards them. "I think they've given up…at least they stopped looking here."

"We still need to be wary of a trap," War Doctor said as he walked over to them. "They might be gone but they might have done something to trap Clara in case she returned."

"In that case, we use our sonics," Eleven said. "Run a scan and sweep the area every few seconds and hopefully, if there are traps, we can find them."

The others nodded and Eleven led the way towards the cave. Clara walked by his side, keeping her eyes open while the three Doctor's scanned around them for any signs of electricity or something that would betray the presence of a trap. They did that until they found the ruins of Cass's ship and everyone stopped while the Doctors gazed at it silently.

"My Doctor told me what happened," Clara said to them. "About Cass. I'm sorry she wouldn't come with you."

"She made her choice," War Doctor said, shaking her head sadly.

"But why? Why didn't she go with you?" Clara said. "Why did she let herself die?"

"He didn't tell you that part?" Eleven said to her. "The reason why she let herself die?"

"No, he was a bit vague with that," Clara said.

"Because she saw Daleks and Time Lords as evil near the end of the Time War," Eleven said.

"But you're not evil," Clara said.

She turned and pointed to the War Doctor.

"And neither is he so don't go thinking that about him," she added.

War Doctor brightened at that.

"I like this one. I think I might take her back with me through the portal when this is finished," he said.

Clara smiled at him and he winked in return. Eleven made a face at that and snapped his fingers to get Clara's attention.

"Anyway, shall we press on?" he said to everyone.

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