Chapter Two

When they finally reached the Ritual Room, Eleven told Clara to get in the midst of him and his counterparts as they slowly went inside. Eleven led the way before he had a thought and turned his head to look over his shoulder. As he suspected, War Doctor had his blaster up and at the ready.

"Be careful with that, I would like to finish out this body and not regenerate early," he said to him.

"I have used this gun for years now, I know how to handle it, Toddler Boy," War Doctor snapped at him. "If I do shoot you, it'll be straight in your gob so you won't rabbit on about timey wimey rubbish anymore."

"Yeah, yeah," Eleven said, turning his head back around while Clara giggled. "Well…so far, so good. No nutters here, apart from the nutter with the blaster aimed at my back."

"I'm not aiming it at your back, Little Miss Fearful," War Doctor said which made Clara laugh even harder.

Clara quickly apologized to everyone and sobered up but not before she caught the wink from the Eleventh Doctor. There was no one in the Ritual Room so Ten used his screwdriver to ignite an unlit torch that was in one of the holders on the wall. Eleven let him walk to the front and they followed him as they headed down the passageway.

"So far, so good," Eleven said when they didn't see anyone up ahead.

"Yes, but this torch doesn't give off much light. There could still be guards up ahead," Ten said to Eleven.

"And they'll know we're coming if you two don't shut it and keep quiet," War Doctor said from the back.

"Gee, Gramps, I think they'll know it us from the huge flaming torch that's coming their way," Eleven said over his shoulder. "Unless they have severe swamp gas in this tunnel."

"This is odd," Clara said after five minutes of silent walking. "Are you sure it's only been one day since I left? Surely they haven't given up already."

Ten and Eleven shared a glance.

"Well, the TARDIS isn't always precise," Eleven said nervously. "It could have landed a few days past your departure."

"Or several years perhaps?" War Doctor chimed in.

"No, I doubt the TARDIS would miss the mark by that much," Ten said.

"Try telling that to Amy when you see her," Eleven said to him. "Anyway, we need to keep our spirits up and be hopeful. The Doctor and Rose are depending on us."

They finally reached the closed door that led into the monastery. War Doctor told them to wait while he maneuvered his way to the front.

"I'm not taking any chances, boys. Sorry, but if they shoot at me, I'm shooting at them," he said when he noticed Ten and Eleven were rolling their eyes at his blaster. "I'll go first."

He held his blaster up as he slowly turned the knob and opened the door. Clara's heart beat rapidly, fearful not only for herself but for all of them. In the short time that she knew Ten and War Doctor, she had grown fond of them and the last thing she wanted was for all of them to be captured and tortured.

The War Doctor opened the door enough so he slid out into the room. He held the gun out in front of him, ready for anything while he quickly scanned the room and listened. Behind him, Eleven kept the door ajar wide enough so he could watch him. The War Doctor slowly walked into the center of the room and looked around, keeping his acute hearing atuned to the slightest noise. When he reached the center, he stood and listened, his ears accustomed now to hearing even the softest whirr of a Dalek's approach. He stayed that way for a moment before looking at Eleven and motioning for them to come out.

War Doctor shook his head and mouthed, "I don't hear anything," to them as they walked over. By now, Clara was fearful that they had landed years after she departed and everyone was gone, including Twelve and Rose. War Doctor got them into a huddle.

"Split up. You and Clara," he said, pointing to Eleven. "And me and him," he said, pointing to Ten. "We'll search the building for them. But…I suggest trying to find something other than your sonic because I'm pretty sure the Sisters aren't made of metal."

"Hardy har har," Eleven said while Clara bit her lip to stifle her laughter. "Okay, meet back in this room in thirty minutes."

War Doctor and Ten nodded and they walked off to the left while Eleven and Clara took the right.

"I know where the prison cells are," Clara said to Eleven.

"Lead on, Fearless Leader," Eleven replied.

Clara led him back to the cells. Eleven lit a torch with his sonic and used it as they walked down the narrow passageway. They looked in every cell, including the one the Doctor and Clara were held in but there was no sign of anyone.

"Oh God, we really did overshoot it by several years," Clara said when they continued their search and couldn't find anyone.

"But the lights are still burning in some areas," the Doctor said softly. "If they were well and truly gone, why would the lights be on. I have a feeling that they may have gone somewhere but they'll return."

Clara nodded. They continued to search but didn't found anyone. After twenty five minutes, they turned back and met the War Doctor and Ten inside the Tapestries Room.

"Anything?" Eleven asked.

"Nope, nothing," Ten said, shaking his head.

"Same," Eleven said. "Seems they've all stepped out for the moment. I told Clara that if they had abandoned this place, they wouldn't leave the lights on."

"Unless they left in a hurry," War Doctor said. "But we didn't find any evidence of that since we had the same thought."

Eleven sat down on a nearby chair while he thought. The others joined him and the War Doctor scanned the room while Eleven thought and Ten relaxed for a moment.

"Bit lavish for a religious order," War Doctor said. "Thought they were supposed to be like nuns?"

"No, they have solid gold dishes and cutlery, I saw it," Clara said. "And crystal goblets."

"Sounds a bit posh to me," Ten said. "I agree. If they are so holy, why do they act so unholy."

"Because they're a bunch of nutters who worship a flame, that's why," Eleven said.

"Maybe they went to another monastery," Clara said.

"Or went on sabbatical," Ten added.

"Or went looking for more treasure," War Doctor added. "I always thought their reasons for shooting down spaceships was a bit suspect."

"The Doctor told me they nearly burned him at the stake," Clara said.

She smiled when the three Doctors chuckled in unison at that.

"Did he tell you why?" War Doctor said to her with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yeah, they claimed you were the reason why their flame was going out," Clara said.

"Yup," Ten said. "Nearly roasted me alive for that. And then it turned out that the tube was clogged and the natural gas couldn't get through. I did them a favor that day."

"Yeah," Eleven said grimly. "Sorted Morbius and the flame and their thanks to me is carting me off to who knows where. Rassilon only knows what they're doing to me and Rose right now."

"Do you think they're dead?" Clara said, worried.

The Doctors were touched by her concern and smiled at that.

"Nah, they couldn't kill me that easily," Ten said. "Or Rose for that matter. Besides, after what you told us, my guess is that me and Rose are valuable to them. Especially if they think the Bad Wolf is still inside her. No, they're tools to that lot, more useful alive than dead."

"I agree," Eleven said. "So how do we locate them?"

"We could lure them to us instead of going to look for them," War Doctor said.

"Do you have an idea in mind then?" Ten said to him.

"Not a full fledged idea but give it time and it'll become a plan," War Doctor replied.

"In the meantime, I suggest we secure this place since no one except us is here. Try to find something we can use to block them from getting back inside or at least slow them down."

"Well in that case, I suggest we stand up and start looking," the War Doctor said.

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