Chapter Three


The Doctor and Rose sat together inside a prison cell on board a spaceship. After they were captured, the Sisterhood drugged them both and kept them drugged until they woke up and found themselves in a barren steel room, devoid of everything except a steel toilet and sink and some old mangy duvets that had been thrown in the corner for bedding. Neither of them had any idea where they were headed or how long they'd been drugged. The Doctor did determine that they were on a spaceship by listening to the soft humming in the walls but that was all they knew for the moment. They had just woken up two hours ago and so far no one had come to see them. There was one sliding metal door that the Doctor assumed led to the outside but when he searched for his screwdriver, he found that they had taken it.

Now he sat with Rose, waiting for something to happen. As he glanced at Rose, he could tell she was putting up a brave front but he knew her far too well to be fooled by that. He could tell she was a bit frightened but trying not to let anyone know, which was one of the things he admired about her. They had stood together and faced some of the most terrifying things in the universe and she always tried to stand her ground and be brave instead of running away and screaming.

"Do you think they know we're awake now?" Rose finally said.

"Dunno," the Doctor said, looking around at the walls. "Don't see any visible CCTV but that doesn't mean anything."

"D'ya think this is how they're going to kill us?" Rose said to him. "Let us sit here and waste away?"

"Nah, I don't think so. We're too valuable to them," the Doctor said to her. "There's my Time Lord mind and you…they think you're the Bad Wolf. No, Rose, this is just the waiting room for now."

"I'm sorry."

The Doctor frowned and looked at her.

"For what?"

"Being stupid and letting myself be caught by them. Shoulda known they wouldn't help me. Shoulda never tried to come to this universe in the first place."

"First thing…this is no time for pity parties, yeah?" the Doctor said to her. "Second. You were meant to come back here because you're part of a larger…thing. Not this though," he said, waving his hand around to indicate the cell. "This was an interference but you are meant to be here to find my earlier self to stop the stars from going out. And third, you are not stupid. You are very trusting and that can be a disadvantage of sorts but on the other hand, you are a very open and open minded person and that's the sort of person I need when I travel. I can't have narrow minded people around me who are suspicious of everything and everybody. You had no reason to believe that these people were going to do any harm to you. You landed on the wrong planet and needed assistance and sought it out. Unfortunately, you found a bunch of nutty harpies who like to prance around in clown makeup but that could happen to anyone."

Rose smiled.

"Thanks," she said.

"For what? Telling you that you shouldn't trust nutty harpies who wear clown makeup?"

"No. For putting things in perspective. I was worried that I was making a mistake by using the dimension cannon. But if I was meant to be here…"

"You are part of a larger drama," the Doctor said. "One that these nutty harpies aren't a part of. But to stop the stars from going out will take more help than you can find back in Pete's World."

Rose nodded.

"But what happens if I don't get back there in time?" she asked.

"I suppose the stars will go out and that'll be the end of everything," the Doctor said. "But that's why we're not going to let that happen. So chin up and brave heart, eh?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"That's the spirit," the Doctor said, patting her leg while Rose chuckled.

They fell silent when the door slid open. Both of them got to their feet as Ortha entered the room with a blaster pointed at them.

"Where are we?" the Doctor said.

"You and the "High Priestess" are guests on board a salvaged space freighter," Ortha said. "We are taking you to another location in case the other one returns."

"So you didn't catch her, eh?" the Doctor said gleefully. "Well, you're in a lot of danger. Clara can not only bake a soufflé but she can cram it up your arse just as skillfully."

""I believe the only one you should be worrying about at the moment is yourselves," Ortha said.

"Oh? And why is that then?" the Doctor said.

"You are both going to be…reeducated and sent out for our purposes."

"And what purpose would that be?" the Doctor said.

" conquer, of course," Ortha said. "We may have lost Gallifrey but we can still win the rest of the universe."

"And let me guess, everyone in the universe will be forced to worship a teeny, magical flame that never dies," the Doctor said.

"We will correct the wrongs that the Time Lords did to us. The Pythia will rise again and this time, she will rule over all creation."

"Your mad," Rose said. "You're just absolutely barking if you think the entire universe is gonna follow your religion."

"Oh they will, Arkytior, because you and he will act as enforcers. Anyone that doesn't believe will be eliminated."

"Just like it was in the old days," the Doctor said. "Thousands perish because they refuse to believe in some magical flame and some superstitious poppycock. If you think I'm gonna let you do this, you really are barking, as Rose puts it."

"Oh but you will assist us, Doctor," Ortha said gleefully. "And if you don't, you will both suffer."

"I'd rather die than live in a universe like the one you're imagining," the Doctor said.

"Die? No, we won't let that happen. You will live but if it's up to you whether it's a living death or not. But no matter, I have come to fetch one of you so we can start the brainwashing. I will allow you to choose which one goes first so who will it be."

Rose was about to nominate herself when the Doctor, anticipating her, stepped up and held up his hand.

"I will," he said. "Leave Rose alone."

"We will…for the moment. You," she said to Rose, "back up against the back wall and stay there till we leave."

"Doctor, no!" Rose said.

"Rose, do as she says. I'll be fine, promise."

Rose wasn't too sure of that but she did as the Doctor told her and walked backwards to the wall. She stood against it and watched while Ortha beckoned for the Doctor to follow her. She allowed him to go first and when he was through the door, she looked at Rose.

"Enjoy your respite, it won't last," she sneered before she left the room and shut the door behind her.

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