Chapter One

The Twelfth Doctor stood at the console, piloting the TARDIS while Clara stood on the opposite side and watched him. The Doctor had just picked up Clara from her house after receiving a stern warning from Danny about looking after her and making sure she was alright. The Doctor resisted the urge to salute him and say "Sir!" the way Danny had done to him and instead promised him politely that he would. He then had to wait until the snogging was over, about two minutes worth of it, before Danny finally left and Clara left with him. He took her into space and idled her until he could think of a destination.

"So where are we headed?" Clara said as she walked around the console to his side.

"Well, I don't know," the Doctor said. "Thought today could be a sort of where the winds take us day. How about that?"

"Sounds wonderful," Clara said.

The Doctor smiled at that. He was about to put the controls on random when they suddenly heard a knocking on the door. Clara frowned.

"Wait, aren't we in space?" Clara said.

"Yes," the Doctor said.

"Then…who's knocking?"

"Probably Danny, he wants one more go at you and he couldn't wait till you got back," the Doctor said as he walked around her and headed towards the door.

"Somehow, I doubt that," Clara said as she followed him.

He opened the door and gasped when a glowing, transparent cube flew inside the door. Clara gasped and reeled back when the cube flew towards her.

"Oh bollocks, not this again," the Doctor said before catching the cube. "Let me guess, another living planet wants me to visit it?"

"Doctor, are you there?" a woman's voice said from inside the glowing cube. "Doctor, this is Ohila of the Sisterhood of Karn."

"Oh no, not this lot," the Doctor groaned.

"We have something of yours, if you want it, come and get it."

"Yeah, I'm sure you do," the Doctor said as the cube stopped glowing and shut down.

"Who is Ohila?" Clara said.

"The leader of the Sisterhood of Karn. They're a cult of daft women who think they're all mystic and powerful but they're nothing but trouble. At least to me. Nearly burned me alive once," he said, closing the doors.

"Burned you alive?"

"Misunderstanding," the Doctor said dismissively.

"Sounds like a big misunderstanding to me," Clara said as she followed him to the console. "So are we going then?"

"Dunno. This message might be old, might be new. Who knows how long it's been flying around in space. Takes awhile to find a bloke like me."

"Yeah, tell me about it."

The Doctor sat the cube down on the console and stared at it for a moment while Clara waited. Finally, he sighed and walked over to his monitor.

"Better see what they want, might be something important," the Doctor said.

Clara nodded and stood with him while he inputted coordinates for Karn.

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