Chapter One

Rose grinned as she finished applying her zombie makeup. It was nearly time for Halloween judging by the calendar Rose kept in her room and even though the Doctor insisted that it was practically worthless when they were inside a time machine, he still made a point of asking Rose what day it was on her calendar from time to time and planning accordingly whenever holidays neared.

Now, since it was almost Halloween, the Doctor had promised Rose that he would take her on a zombie walk somewhere and Rose was excited at the idea of the two of them getting dressed up like zombies and having fun. Rose had chosen some old clothes that still fit but she no longer liked wearing and ripped and ruined them in order to make her zombie clothes. She then got online and studied different photos of zombie makeup before choosing something she liked. The TARDIS had a beauty salon and makeup room and she found different face paints inside the makeup room, including some fake blood. She spent several hours experimenting until she looked just right and now she was back inside the room, recreating her zombie look. She sat in front of a vanity mirror, applying grey makeup to her face to get a rotting flesh look and then applying black makeup around the eyes and on her lips before applying some fake blood on the corners of her mouth, forehead and cheeks. While she was doing that, the door to the makeup room opened and the Doctor walked inside. He paused and silently critiqued Rose's makeup and costume before nodding his approval and moving towards the chair beside her.

"So are you going to be a zombie then?" Rose said, looking at his reflection while she put some grey on her hands and arms.

"I was thinking I could be a zombie master and you could be my pet," the Doctor said, wagging his eyebrows.

"You're not going to put on makeup?" Rose said.

The Doctor looked at her makeup, squeezed a dab of fake blood onto his finger, put it in the middle of his forehead and sat back.

"Done," he said.

He laughed when Rose gave him a withering look. He leaned forward, looking at the makeup on the vanity table before getting up and walking over to a cupboard behind them. He opened it, went inside and came out with a few more makeup items, an applicator, spirit gum and a bald cap. Rose applied her makeup while watching the Doctor's reflection, interested in what he was doing. The Doctor put on the bald cap, obscuring his hair and sideburns and then pasting down the sides of it with the spirit gum. Then he grabbed a big jar of white greasepaint and began applying it all over his face and the bald cap while Rose paused a moment to watch him. He applied the white makeup all over his face before he got up and walked over to a sink in the corner of the room. He washed his hands and dried them with a small grey towel hanging from a towel rack on the side of the sink. He then walked back over and sat down and Rose watched with fascination as he slowly made his face look like a skull.

"Wow, you're good at this," Rose said, marveling at the expert makeup job.

"Worked briefly in the Hollywood makeup department in my Eighth life," the Doctor said, working on putting black around his eyes. "Learned several tricks that have since come in handy when I'm disguising myself. I figure I'm so old the skin has rotted off my face."

It took him nearly an hour before he was done and then he sat back and turned his face to Rose. He had black eyes and nose, black lips with teeth painted around them and black cracks all over his face and the top of his head. Rose applauded his handiwork and the Doctor bowed slightly in acknowledgement. He then held up his finger, went over and washed his hands and sat back down again.

"I love what you did to your face but may I add to it?" he asked her.

"Please do," Rose said.

The Doctor held up his finger before going back into the cupboard. The Doctor carried out a small, black metal box. Rose watched eagerly as he opened it and showed it to her. Inside were fake wounds, scars and scabs.

"May I?" he said to her.

"Please," Rose said.

The Doctor smiled and gently moved Rose's head sideways. Rose sat still while the Doctor applied some of the prosthetics, making it look like her face was rotting in places. He used the spirit gum to glue the prosthetics in place before blending them in with the makeup. When he was finished, Rose looked at herself in the mirror and gasped with delight. She now had decaying flesh and open wounds all over her face.

"Oh, thank you, you're good at this," Rose said.

"I know," the Doctor said smugly.

He chuckled when Rose playfully shoved his chest.

"So where are we going then?" she asked him.

"Well, I was thinking…why visit Earth when I know another planet that goes all out for Halloween and has one of the biggest zombie walks in the universe."

"Ooo, do tell," Rose said.

"Well, as I said, they love Halloween and dressing up and…" he said, leaning forward. "Not only do they have a zombie walk but they have a huge fancy dress party afterwards that lasts till dawn. But…you wouldn't want that so we'll go to some redneck, hillbilly town where they have three zombies in their walk and they're all podgy and smelly and gross."

"Or…we can go to this planet and have real fun," Rose said.

"No hillbilly podgy zombies?" the Doctor said, pretending to pout.

"No!" Rose said.

The Doctor chuckled. He leaned forward and put his fingertips under Rose's chin. Rose smiled, loving the Doctor's skull makeup and the fact that he was willing to go all out to have fun with her while the Doctor examined her face to make sure she looked perfect. Satisfied that she was ready, he got up from his chair.

"Right, Halloween festival, here we come!" he said to her before leaving the room.

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