King Erlend lined a group of his men in the town square—after Pitch's reign, he saw his daughter missing from her room; the ice shavings surrounding the window seal made him jump to the wrong conclusion. The terrified citizens watched him aboard his horse and command his men, "My daughter has been struck in the heart and kidnapped by this merciless creature that conjures snow!" They had swords, bows and arrows, and pistols all lined in their sashes, prepared for the worst.

The tawny haired king looked up at the high snowy mountains that were fogged out by the clouds, "He was probably the catalyst for that bizarre dark lord I encountered last night. They might be working together to steal the throne from me!" The citizens gasped—meanwhile Agnes was being comforted by Gerda, still heart-broken and fearful for her daughter's whereabouts, "But this will not happen. Because our power and our weapons can overcome these monsters. Now onward!" Erlend called to the men now mounting onto their bareback horses. Only the King's had a saddle. He didn't care whether he encountered the beast or not… All Erlend wanted was his daughter back.

"Until we return," The main general called out to Arendelle's knights, "It is your duty that no harm comes to our people!" With that, they fled through the gates.

Elsa knew there'd be trouble once they saw she was missing, but she knew that she'd make it back down there faster with her powers than her father's men could make it up the mountain. She had a horrible feeling that the King wouldn't be happy with her new look or 'gift.' In fact, she wouldn't show him the gift until she was able to make him accept Jack or at least leave him alone. Elsa then had a plan.

"Jack…" She played with her braid as she looked at Arendelle from the balcony. It was a horridly cloudy day, almost like a blizzard would hit. But a blizzard in the middle of summer was ridiculous. The young man had just been sitting on his bed; making little glitter frost trails with the staff. Jack hummed lowly to let her know he'd heard her, "I don't want my father to send his men up here after you."

"I'll be okay Elsa." He smiled and went to consult her until she spoke some more.

"That's why I think you should come back down the mountain with me."

Was she out of her mind? Had he put ice not only in her heart but her brain as well?! Jack quickly inched away and winced, "What? After what I did? Elsa, your father saw me strike your heart! Everyone did!" Elsa played with her braid again; she nervously twirled the loose blonde ends around her finger. She remembered the shock of the cold hitting her breast and spreading through her body. Now she herself was the embodiment of that feeling. But she couldn't let him know. Besides, she wasn't hurting or cold! Just keep going, she thought.

The Princess turned around and gave him a stern look, "It doesn't matter." Jack gave her a look of disbelief, "We can head back to Arendelle together! We'll explain everything." He clutched his staff with both hands, not even daring to ponder the thought. Jack Frost could never be seen down there again! Elsa smiled; he couldn't resist that beautiful white smile of optimism, but he needed to. He needed to reject it, "I won't let them hurt you. But if they want you out of Arendelle, then I'll leave too!" She gestured to herself with energy. Jack was stunned.

"What-? Elsa, you can't. You're their Princess!"

"A Princess who can't take living somewhere where no one listens or understands me!" She reminded, "And I just can't leave you up here alone…" Jack turned away slightly; the castle walls seemed to grow darker, a purplish tint.

"I've been alone for three years." Jack told her he was used to it. But Elsa was annoyingly persistent. She went to touch his arm.

"Jack-" He jerked away out of habit; another piece of evidence that he just couldn't live around people without being afraid. Elsa's smile had faded and her eyes glittered with sadness—she knew the realistic result of this mess. Playing with her hands she needed to ask one last question, "When will I see you again?"

The white haired teenager couldn't answer and turned away. He knew answer, but didn't want to say it… Jack had to be strong. The least he could do was look into her eyes and tell her the truth. It would be the courageous thing to do. Looking back at her, their blue eyes stared into one another's as he quietly whispered, "Never."

The simple word punched Elsa right in the face. She just couldn't face her father or anyone alone! But she knew he was doing it to protect her and not so he could stay in hiding. Jack saw the tears in her eyes and that she was trying to hold them back. She was doing very well but he couldn't handle looking at her, "I can't hurt anyone else." Jack quietly muttered, his heart sinking heavily like a stone in the sea.

The pretty Princess tried to let anger overpower her sadness and folded her arms, "Well." She said quietly, trying to stay composed, "Alright." Nothing could hide grief. Nothing. She looked at the young man whom she'd mistaken to be some peasant-looking commoner, now the most magical, kind-hearted person she'd ever met for the last time. Not letting him see her face, she walked out the door to the bedroom and down the long icy stairs. Elsa couldn't help admire its refined smoothness on the way down… She admired everything Jack could do. Maybe one day, she thought as she opened the large double doors, one day if she still had her own powers, she'd show her father and he'd let her explain.

Erlend would then let her create an Ice Kingdom where she and Jack could live happily with the rest of Arendelle. No more hiding… Pfft. That'll be the day. Elsa didn't even look back at the palace as she began her journey down the trail. Jack walked out on the balcony he'd made for the two and watched her leave. She disappeared down into the forested area of bare trees below and just like that was gone.

Jack didn't think it would occur, but he began to pray that Pitch would return to his castle to ease his broken heart. Until then, he sat alone on the bed, closed away in his kingdom. Little did either one of the two young adults know that King Erlend and his men were nearing the summit where the castle stood—still fiercely mighty and ready for battle. Ready for whatever harm the malevolent Jack Frost could do.

It hadn't even been five minutes of walking and Elsa looked back up behind her. The castle was nowhere in sight anyway. But still, she felt a gaping hole in her stomach—the feeling of loss and sorrow has finally taken over. She needed to move on to her current problem which was explaining to Arendelle what happened. Elsa unfortunately let the sadness linger… She stopped and took a breath, noting that now because of him, the winter weather wouldn't affect her anymore, and that she had a gift of beauty no one could see. She was actually quite glad—it was her secret and no one else's… Something for her.

She tried to breathe the heartache away and took another step forward when a horrifying beast lunged out from behind the trees. Black as ebony, it had blended in with the bare, leafless forest. It was some sort of man on a sandy horse holding a sword; at least it took the shape of it. Elsa had cried out and nearly lost her balance from the startling moment. Was that thing solid or not?! It didn't matter, either way it was coming right for her neck. Pitch Black only wanted fear. But sometimes his Night Mares would go too far without his knowing. He was still lingering about Arendelle, still believing Jack was safe and unconscious so that the men wouldn't touch him.

Elsa had a brief epiphany and shot an ice blast from her palm. It knocked the sword out of the sand-knight's hand. She continued to shoot ice at the horse as it swarmed around its prey. More were coming; she saw another one jump from the branches and gracelessly aimed for it. After slowing the two down, Elsa turned right around and began to sprint up the mountain, "JAAAACK!"

He was briefly in a world of sorrow and snowflakes that were suspended in the air. But that cry of godforsaken fear cracked through his emotions and towards his intellect, Elsa was in trouble! He knew her voice. And she couldn't be far! Jack ran out to the balcony where he saw mounds of dark sand bursting in the area just a few feet down, "Elsa!" Jack grabbed his staff and raced from the castle. To make himself go faster, he iced the trail underneath his boots so that he could ski to her. Anything to get to her faster!

Elsa didn't realize how difficult it was climbing a snowy mountain than descending it. She fell in the three-inch deep snow again and found herself shooting more spikes at her enemies. Jack was drawing nearer, but he was caught off guard when a horse sprung in front of him standing on its hind legs and shrieking. There were about six more, "The beast!" A man yelled.

Oh no.

Jack only cared about finding a way past them to Elsa until he saw the King dismantle from his horse and equip a sword. What in god's name was…? No! Not here! Not when his daughter was in danger. Even if Jack said anything he knew he wouldn't listen! Two soldiers had their bow and arrows set. Jack begged with his eyes, backing away and showing he meant no harm.

"FIRE!" Erlend's voice pierced through the woods. The arrows were set free but Jack quickly used his staff to raise a wall of solid ice, saving himself.

"He's going to attack us!"


"Fire more!" Erlend was keeping his distance until he knew the beast was vulnerable. Then he'd strike. The man wouldn't even let the anxious seventeen year old speak. So much was happening at once! But he knew what Elsa had meant by not listening. Especially when he needed them to! A man prepared another arrow as others had their pistols ready and aimed in case he made a move.

"Don't!" Jack pleaded but alas, they fired another one that ripped his undershirt and his shoulder. He grabbed it and fell to his knees. Jack groaned out in pain, trying to stay strong. Why were they even bothering with him when Elsa was in need?!

Why wouldn't they…?

"He's down!" Erlend acknowledged, but he needed to make sure there were no tricks, "Fire one more!" The same man who'd just struck Jack began to do as told.

Why wouldn't they fucking listen?!

The bow was never released. Instead the men nearly fainted at the site of small ice pillars emerging from the ground below the man and… Jack had lost control. The wind around them began to speed up as he rose to his feet.

"We lost a man!"

"Don't let him get away!"

The men with the pistols were ordered to hold their fire as Erlend was even tugged away by the remaining archers. Jack growled as he swiped his hand across the air, whipping the man in the face with cold wind and snow. He continued to do so with both his staff and own hands.

Elsa wasn't making much progress in crawling up the mountain. It was too risky to try and stand up before striking them again. The Night Mares kept nearly trampling her before she blew them back away… All she needed for them was to stay away. Thinking quickly, Elsa used both her hands to knock the horse over on its side. One of them dissipated along with the soldier.

Able to get onto one knee, she saw the second one coming for her. But she didn't think so. Focusing on the horse's abdomen, Elsa blasted shards of ice into the Night Mare, making it whine in fear and freeze solid. Only to shatter when it tried to dissipate. Finally catching her breath, she crawled to her feet and continued to find Jack. Something wasn't right and he might know what it was!

Jack Frost wasn't even right in that moment. Two men were now lying before him; one out cold, the other slain. There was one man who caused all this, he would be his main target. Only one other man stood in his way, the gunmen were fearful, he easily swiped them away with a whirlwind of snow and knocked them all to their backs so hard it knocked the wind out of them.

King Erlend was still standing, his sword ready. Jack kept silent… Eyes intent and glazed over yet with loathing and anger. A pathetic piece of iron was nothing compared to his powers—with a single wave of his staff he created walls left and right to keep the man from running anywhere. He used his staff to create a wind blast to pin Erlend against the teetering tree—heavy branches just waiting to give way from the heavy snow. Erlend had positioned his sword so that the frost was blocked, only slightly however. He could hear the bark behind him crackling as it froze over.

He tried to rush against it, but Jack's anger just made the frost canon stronger. He just wanted Erlend to see his power and maybe get a case of frostbite. Not even once did he think about-"JACK!" Elsa shouted, horrified by what she was seeing. She covered her mouth and her eyes welted up. The sight of her father didn't help. The phantom-like teenager looked at her, remembering why he'd even left the castle, "You said you didn't want to hurt people!" She didn't cry, but boy was she on the verge of it… "What are you doing right now?!"

Jack's crystalline blue eyes filled with life again as his face contorted into pain and regret. The frost stopped, allowing Erlend to breathe. He ventilated as he slowly stood straight from his feral, hunched-over look he'd had. His staff lied dormant. Jack couldn't even begin to stress his shame, if his face didn't say it enough. The snow walls he'd created around Erlend retreated and Jack realized his self-control was slipping. Despite the frost on Erlend's sword was melting away, the tree couldn't take anymore and the heavy branches above were crackling.

Jack then realized Elsa was right underneath it! He couldn't use his powers for any good, but before he had time to say anything, he heard a crack and acting with whatever instinct he had, Jack lunged towards the Princess and used the crook on his staff to literally tug her away from the doomed area. It all happened so fast, Elsa plopped in the snow far from her standing position and had not a second to react. Jack didn't either—he saw the branch coming for him and dropped his staff to run.

He heard something crunch and with one last gasp of pain Jack Frost fell silent on into the snow… He'd escaped the branches and saved Elsa from certain injury. Snow began to fall as normally—all was peaceful again.

The gunmen finally recovered and Erlend stepped over to see the young man now comatose on the ground. Elsa crawled towards him, "Jack?!" Erlend shoved her away.

"Don't touch him! Didn't you see what he did to me?"

"But he saved me!" She looked up at her father's face—she could literally see how cold he was. Erlend ignored her words as well as the somber look in her eyes and looked at the pale creature unmoving below them. He finally acknowledged her new gown and hair.

"What on earth did he do to you?!"

"Nothing! He didn't hurt me father, I'm fine!" Elsa stepped back away from him, presenting herself with pride. She personally thought her ice gown was beautiful, but the King had had enough.

"It must've been when he struck you! He's poisoned your mind!"

"Father, please listen to me!" She asked for the billionth time, "What happened to me was an accident! You need to just let him be!"

"So he can create blizzards and freeze us all?"

"He would never hurt anybody!"

Erlend's words were still. He took a sharp breath and stepped aside. Elsa saw the slain archer and gasped. Feeling sickly, she shut her eyes and looked away, "Look Elsa!" The gunmen were able to put their pistols aside as the King spoke nobly, "You call that a gentle being? A human?"

"He was protecting himself." Elsa reassured herself aloud, able to calm herself and open her eyes, boldly looking at her father, "And what makes him inhuman? That he can make snow and ice?" She held out her arms respectively as she said those two enchanting words.

"No, because he harmed our people."

"Look at the sword in your hand father!" She began to retract her voice, but couldn't give up before this final statement, "Bringing harm to him even though you're a human?!" King Erlend took a single step back, blinked, and shook his head.

"I've had enough; you're coming home now…" He took yet another look at the immobile Jack Frost, "And so is he."

Elsa felt a glint of hope, "What?"

"We need to ensure that nothing like him ever happens again!" She should've known it was all in vain. Elsa kneeled down towards her savior, her heart and spirit and felt his shoulder only to be shocked by the touch—even with her powers, he felt like ice! She turned back to the collapsed branch and remembered that that was where he'd dropped his staff. She remembered the last time she repaired it all was well… But the staff was obliterated—gone for good.

She heard the gunmen preparing their horses for a good run and one man hefted the freezing Jack over their shoulder. She could hear the coward whimpering from how cold he was. The Princess figured she may as well return home as she was about to aboard her father's horse, she heard a man whisper something to another. Something about poison… A poison!

"NO!" Elsa shouted, but Erlend shushed her and sat in front of her, "Please don't poison him father, please!"

"I'm doing this for you, Elsa!" He ignored her tears although they cut into his heart like an iron blade.

Elsa began to weep, not before saying, "For me or to look good in front of your people?!" Elsa didn't bother going on… She would need the energy to grieve—this event was out of her power, ice or not. She started to mourn just on the way home into her father's shoulder.

Elsa had a feeling she'd be isolated and alone again for eighteen more years and never again would she find a man like Jack Frost.

Souls_&_Swords: The song Summit Siege from the "Frozen" soundtrack is what inspired this chapter's title. =D Very dramatic and heart-racing!

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